Wednesday, 5 August 2009


Spend time with children and you will soon get used to the idea that there is one question they ask more than anything else. Why? Even when you feel you have answered their questions, they still come back - But why?

I many ways we are all children throughout our lives. There are so many mysteries in our world and even things we think we understand, occasionally behave so differently we are forced into asking why. It is part of the excitement of living in our world. It is the uncertainty and the change that make it all so interesting, even if we are often confused or disorientated by them.

Asking why is the beginning of learning, whether it be the mysteries of mathematics or the complexity of the universe. In my experience the important thing is never to be afraid to ask and never be surprised when the answer you receive just leads to more questions. We are compelled to view our infinite life through finite eyes and reason it out using finite minds. We will naturally be tempted to place limitations upon everything because, to our finite minds, everything must have limitations. This is where we make a serious error. By expecting there to be imitations on everything, we restrict our ability to see the complete picture.

Even though it is certainly impossible for us to see the whole picture, we will be able to see much more of it if we free ourselves by opening up to all possibilities. The imagination is such a valuable tool because it exercises this quality constantly. This is why those who refuse to entertain even the possibility that there is more to everything than immediately meets the eye, consider imagination to be for children or the simple minded. How wrong that view is. All steps in the progress of humanity have been due to those who have been prepared to exercise their imagination and refuse to be bound by precedent.

The imagination can tap into the greater consciousness that is available to us all and where we can find information and ideas that will enhance our understanding of who we are, what this world in which we live really is and how we relate to it and to the greater power or powers that appear to control everything. It is the real tool that can bring us the solutions to the why and the wherefore. It can help us escape from the habit of thinking in a linear way; to appreciate that eternity means just that and there really are no beginnings and no endings but one continuous process of creation and realisation. To understand that we as individuals play a key role in the process of creation. It is not something that happens due to some external power but is something of which we are an integral part and our minds are the vital factor in this process.

Because we are spirit, our true, inner self, is part of the source of all life - God, the Great Spirit, the Great First Cause, Infinite Intelligence - whatever name you feel most comfortable in using to describe this great mystery. As part of this, we cannot escape being part of the creative process which never stops. Our thoughts help to mould the world in which we live even more than do our actions and never forget that every action is a thought first in any case.

Never be afraid to ask why. Ask it and then try to find the answer with a totally open mind. Put no restrictions upon yourself but also be aware that the answer will ivariably lead to more questions. This is the natural law and we should try never to despair just because we never seem able to answer all the questions. After all, we as eternal beings need something with which our minds can wrestle throughout eternity!

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