Friday, 28 August 2009


The last few days have been ones of wonderful freedom for me and I have revelled in it. No definite timetable, no working commitments and a freedom to choose where to go and what to do. Just for these few days I was able to totally relax and enjoy the wonders of nature and some of the wonders created by man also.

Of course freedom is relative and we can never be completely free because we have to share our world whether we like it or not. Although I did not write my blog every day I did feel a little guilty on those days I missed. Also, when driving I could not just ignore the presence of other drivers, for they have as much right to be using the roads as me. I guess the best part about our periods of relative freedom is the chance to meet different people and visit different places; the chance to look at the scenery and smell the flowers, instead of hurrying past because we have an appointment to keep.

It certainly helps if we are able to enjoy our freedom in a part of the world that possesses many beauties, both natural and created. I found my heart lifted again and again by the majestic scenery and the imaginative designs of architects and sculptors. Such things have the power to transform us if we are free enough to be able to really focus on them. The shy confidence of nature in the wild charmed me and persuaded me to remember just how much we can learn from the animals with whom we share this planet. The flowers too, reminded me to give without expecting anything in return and to be grateful for my senses of sight and smell which enable me to appreciate their unique contribution to our lives.

I am a very lucky person to be able to travel in the way I do and I rejoice in the many friendships that result from these travels. I have never appreciated more the truism that it is not so much what we see or what we learn that matters but who we have to share them with. Life is more about family, friends and sharing, rather than ambition and achievements. May you my dear friends always enjoy the company of many friends with whom to share your blessings.

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