Thursday, 6 August 2009


I recall an old hymn from my Sunday School days that opens with the words, "Welcome messengers of light."

Ever since that time I have known that these messengers exist but unfortunately most of the time we are too wrapped up in our own little world to become aware of their presence. Nevertheless they are there and they offer this wonderful light they bring with them to us for our guidance and encouragement. If you are fortunate enough to feel their presence, you will notice yourself being lifted up. It is not physical but it feels as if it is.

As you rise up you feel as if you are leaving behind everything mundane and are only aware that there is beauty everywhere, that a celestial light not only surrounds everything that exists but also that same light seems to be emitted by all things, animals, plants and humans. You become conscious that the only reality appears to be the light and that everything and everyone is striving to perfect their light and thus reflect more of our divine creator. You become convinced for the brief time this experience lasts, that light is reality and everything is a different aspect of the light.

We should all try to reach for this light, for it is freely available to us all. However, it is not with our physical eyes that we see it. It is difficult to describe but it seems as though you feel it deep within your very soul. You seem to be suspended within its radiance and you feel totally at peace. To experience it you need to practice going within in meditation and seek inner peace in that condition. Just occasionally, the light will appear and you will feel transformed by it. You will come to know the truth of the words of another hymn -

"Walk in the light and you will own,
That fellowship of love,
His spirit only can bestow,
Who dwells in light above."

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