Saturday, 28 February 2009

In the Beginning

Present day understanding of the beginning of the universe, of our solar system, of our planet and of human life is moulded by the opinions of astronomers, palaeontologists and naturalists. Opinions are constantly being revised as the scientists concerned extend their investigations into areas unknown by their predecessors, or remains and artefacts are uncovered that change previous assumptions and knowledge. I say knowledge but in fact there is a great deal more theory than fact.

Astronomy and interestingly its obverse, Particle Physics are the most volatile of the scientific disciplines, for each year bigger telescopes or deeper penetration of space (outer and inner) enables astronomers to ‘see’ further back in time or physicists to see deeper into the heart of matter. In such a volatile environment theories abound. At one time we were told the universe was shrinking, at another the ‘steady state’ theory was popular and now it is expanding. We are to believe now it all began with “The Big Bang”, when matter was thrown out in all directions in a colossal, inter-stellar explosion. The effects of this big bang are still being felt and, the theory goes, the expansion of the universe is accelerating. All this is very confusing for the layman because each new theory is expounded with such conviction. Theories and disputes between astronomers are plentiful too on the subjects of black holes, the limiting factor of the speed of light, space and time and the space/time continuum, the existence of life on other planets, etc. etc. It interests me that no-one has yet seriously addressed what existed before the big bang. Or indeed if there have been a series of big bangs. Presumably there must have been something there to explode. However, who is to say that the Big Bang Theory will not be superseded by yet another eye-catching ‘guess’ that can be made to explain the facts as seen by purblind, materialistic astrophysicists?

The same is true where palaeontology and naturalism are concerned. Theories based on the discovery of fossils, skeletons, bones, observation of physical evolution and the dating of the rocks or sediment where they were found have resulted in the progressive extending of the age of the earth and life upon it.

For centuries weird theories were advanced to account for the movement of the continents. Alterations in climate indicated by changing flora and fauna, discovered in the fossil record, left no alternative to the conclusion that movement had occurred. Only when the idea of continental drift was put forward and accepted as the most reasonable explanation, did the arguments subside. All we can say with certainty is that in terms of human life, the earth has existed a very long time but it is finite and one day will be unable to support life any longer.

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Friday, 27 February 2009

A Mother's Pride

This is what Dr Wayne Dyer's mother wrote to him on the occasion of receiving his doctorate. I think it is wonderful. I would also recommend Dr Dyer's books to you as outlining a truly spiritual philosophy.

Have a wonderful day my friends,


Another can but guide...
Then step aside - I know
I could not say, "This is the way
That you should go."

For I could not foresee
What paths might beckon you
To unimagined heights
That I might never know.

Yet, always in my heart
I realised
That you would touch a star.
I'm not surprised!

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Psychography (or slate writing)

My apologies for not posting anything in recent days but I have been away from home without access to the internet. I hope you enjoy this piece describing a form of mediumship that does not seem to exist any longer. Alongside is an example of Psychography that is in my possession. It is a message signed by the great American Healer Dr. J.R. Newton who visited England in the nineteenth century and gave remarkable healings. The medium for the writing was Pierre Keeler.

The following is what appears on the slate:


Dear Friend,

How glad we are to come to you today, as long we have been near you but we love to make our presence felt and it gives us new force and courage. Please try to catch and follow closely the many impressions we flash on your sensitive brain that we may guide you along the path that leads to your own success and helps us to finish our work for and through you. Many years of good work and forever helping others to the light are before you. Be of good cheer, all is well.

Dr J.R. Newton

Slate writing was one of the earliest, and at that time, one of the most evidential forms of mediumship, especially in the hands of such a gifted exponent as Fred Evans. A detailed account of his mediumship can be found in the book “Psychography – through the mediumship of Fred P. Evans” by J.J.Owen, published in 1893.

Fred Evans was born in Liverpool, England but moved to San Francisco in California when in his thirties after leading a seafaring life. He found that he had a gift whereby writing mysteriously appeared on the inside of two slates when they were bound together. He became famous because although one or two tried to accuse him of trickery, the charges never stuck because his mediumship was so open and above-board, to say nothing of the detailed nature of the messages that appeared on his slates.

He always allowed sitters to bring their own slates if they wished, ensured they were securely fastened together and sealed with wax seals and above all, ensured the slates remained in full view of the sitter/audience at all times and that the sittings/public demonstrations took place in bright light.

Before the slates were bound together a small piece of slate crayon was inserted between them. During the writing, people would hear the scratching of the crayon on the slates. The messages appeared in a very few minutes, sometimes less than two. Often as many as eighteen messages appeared on one slate, separated by lines drawn around each one. Many were very short but even those gave the full name of the communicator and usually their relationship to the intended recipient and that person’s name. Sometimes they included addresses where the communicator had lived when on earth, the causes of death and details of information only known to the communicator and the intended recipient.

In tests, two diagonal lines were drawn across each slate before they were bound together and sealed. The messages never failed to appear and they were written over the diagonal lines, proving the messages had not in some way been written on the slate beforehand and somehow hidden.

Friday, 20 February 2009

Why my Grandfather became a Spiritualist

What follows is the story, in his own words, of the investigation that led to my paternal grandfather becoming a Spiritualist and a very early member of Liverpool (Daulby) Spiritualist Church. One or more members of my family were actively involved in the church from the 1880's to 1994 when my Aunt Gladys passed to Spirit.

“Mrs. Britten introduced in The Two Worlds* (a work colleague gave him copies) a set of rules regarding the formation and conduct of circles. These I read very carefully and decided, there and then, to investigate for myself. Thinking thus to secure my Heaven hereafter, it was my custom to attend Chapel every Sunday without fail. One Sunday morning I was absent; my actual investigation had commenced. I arranged with Mrs. Owen for the use of the round kitchen-table for our first sitting. I remember well how my good wife eyed me with suspicion, and wondered what uncanny thing I was about to approach.

My eldest son, Robert A. Owen, and I sat together, having first provided pencil and paper and observed fully the rules laid down. I may say that Robert was then about seven years of age. We sat for about half-an-hour expecting the table to move, but this did not occur. While humming a tune familiar to me my son appeared to go to sleep. I tried to arouse him but did not succeed. After waiting some time, I put the pencil in his hand and placed the writing paper before him. In a few minutes his hand began to move, and an effort to write was made. He wrote, while in this condition four pages, and signed a name. Judge of my astonishment and satisfaction, when I found it was the signature of a relative who had passed on three years previously!”

“The matter which was written on that paper was quite beyond the intelligence of a lad of seven, and moreover it was written in Welsh! - A language of which Robert had just an A.B.C. acquaintance. This seemed to indicate that a power outside him and greater than he, had taken possession of him. Knowing that my communicating friend was a Welshman, I addressed questions to him in his native tongue, and he promptly replied by writing in Welsh through my juvenile medium.”

Grandfather continues in the same article that appeared in a journal called “The Lyceum Banner” – “In course of time I gathered around me a number of earnest investigators who agreed to come to my home for regular séances. What an education and inspiration we gained from those happy circles! … The phenomena which occurred at these homely gatherings were many and varied, and included the rather rare fire test. Of this I heard from other sitters, for I was of course under control when I was used in this way. It might startle people to see this for the first time, but I can assure you my tender hands were quite unharmed, after I had taken the red-hot cinder from the fire and walked around the circle with it in full view. My wife developed automatic writing in circle; writings of an instructive and elevating character. My daughter, Agnes Sinah, also became a very good clairvoyant.”

What an example this is to those who are sceptical of the existence of Spirit. My grandfather thought his friend was crazy to believe what he did about Spiritualism but nevertheless he conducted his experiment, kept an open mind and then accepted as truth that which could not be explained in any other way than the power of the Spirit.

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Speaking in Tongues

In "direct voice"* seances, it sometimes happens that spirit people speak in their native tongue, rather than in English. It does not happen a great deal though and I have often wondered why. Once again the lovely Canadian book "Trails of Truth" offers an explanation. The explanation was forthcoming because an American immigrant from Italy was sitting that night in the group and her husband in Spirit spoke to her in Italian for a while.

I have no idea if the explanation is true but it is the first time I have come across a genuine effort to explain the use of various energies present in the seance room during physical mediumship. Whether the same explanation holds good for Trance Mediums when they speak in foreign languages, I do not know.

"There was a short explanation concerning the process of bringing through languages. Doctor Anderson (from Spirit) said,

"Italian is difficult to bring through because we do not have enough Italian vibrations in the room. As it is, we have fifty Italian helpers on this side to assist, otherwise we should have to draw heavily on the instrument. This would be detrimental to his health - very harmful to him indeed - if we continued for any length of time."

We are often told about the importance of 'vibrations' in the circle or seance room and the words of Dr Anderson go some way, I think, towards explaining why.

* There are two types of Direct Voice mediumship:

1) Independent Direct Voice, where the Spirit people create a voice box from ectoplasm, (these have been successfully photographed using infra-red film) which is often sited above one shoulder of the medium.

2) Direct Voice where the medium's own voice box is used. In both cases, the sitter being spoken to from Spirit will recognise the voice from Spirit as being exactly the same as when the communicator was living on earth.

In the case above, independent direct voice was used and trumpets (metal cones) were used to amplify the spirit voices. It is often difficult for communicators to use these trumpets and their voices initially at least, are faint; hence the need for 'trumpets'. Other physical phenomena took place in the seances, including sitters feeling the physical touch of hands from spirit, the handing of flowers (which had been placed in the centre of the circle at the outset) to individual sitters by unseen hands, (the seances took place in total darkness) the sprinkling of water (again, placed in the centre at the outset) and the creation of beautiful perfumes. The medium present at almost all the seances described in the book was Mr William Cartheuser.

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

"You're nearer God's heart in a garden..."

This is a compilation from various sources, including William Shakespeare and Alexander Pope, all praising God in nature.

The night has gathered up her moonlit fringes,
And curtains grey,
And orient gates, that move on silver hinges,
Let in the day.

The morning sun his golden eyelash raises
O’er eastern hills,
The happy summer bird with matin praises,
The thicket fills.

And nature’s dress, with softly tinted roses
And lilies wrought,
Through all its varied unity, discloses
God’s perfect thought.

Oh, drop my heart, the burden that oppresses
And cares that rule,
That I may prove the whispering wildernesses
Heaven’s vestibule!

For I can hear, despite material warden,
And earthly balks,
A still small voice and know that thro’ His garden
The Father walks.

Nature calls with many voices to worship in her temple, a temple consecrated to the good of humanity. God is here and the quick soul feels His presence in the midst of His temple.

“When God reveals His march through nature’s night,
His steps are beauty and His presence light”

The groves were God’s first temples. Nature’s great heart beats under our feet and over our head. The currents of all pervading life flow into every form of the natural world and therefore do all partake of the divine energy.

“In contemplation of created things,
By steps we may ascend to God.”

“Tongues in trees, books in running brooks,
Sermons in stones and good in everything.”
“Each moss, each shell, each crawling insect,
Holds a rank important in the plan of Him
Who framed this scale of beings.”

“Go mark the matchless working of the power,
That shuts within the seed the future flower;
Bids these in elegance of form excel,
In colour these and those delight the smell.”

“How mean the order and perfection sought,
In the best product of human thought,
Compared to the great harmony that reigns,
In what the Spirit of the world ordains!”

“All are but parts of one stupendous whole
Whose body nature is and God the soul.”
“Thou art oh God, the life and light,
Of all this wondrous world we see.
Its glow by day, its smile by night,
Are but reflections caught from thee.
Where’er we turn, Thy glories shine,
And all things fair and bright are Thine.”

“God of the granite and the rose,
Soul of the sparrow and the bee,
The mighty tide of being flows
Through all Thy creatures, back to Thee.
Thus round and round the circle runs,
A mighty sea without a shore,
While men and angels, stars and suns,
Unite to praise Thee evermore.”

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Spiritual Commandments

Yesterday we read how Emma Hardinge-Britten received the Spiritual Commandments from Robert Owen in spirit. Today I set out those commandments, having modernised the language used by Robert Owen. We could all do much worse than try to abide by these rules, even though it is difficult. If ALL people lived by them, what a paradise we would have on earth!

1: You shall search for truth in every department of being. Test, prove and try if what you deem to be truth is truth and then accept it as the word of God.

2: You shall continue the search for truth all your life and never cease to test, prove and try all that you deem to be truth.

3: You shall search by every attainable means for the laws that underlie all life and being, striving to comprehend these laws, live in harmony with them and make them the laws of your own life, your rule and guide in all your actions.

4: You shall not follow the example of any man or set of men, nor obey any teaching or accept of any theory as your rule of life that is not in strict accordance with your highest sense of right.

5: You shall remember that a wrong done to the least of your fellow creatures, is a wrong done to all and you shall never commit a wrong wilfully and consciously to any of your fellow men, nor connive at wrong done by others without striving to prevent or protesting against it.

6: You shall acknowledge all men’s rights to do, think, or speak, to be exactly equal to your own and all rights whatsoever that you demand you shall ever accord to others.

7: You shall not hold yourself bound to love, or associate with those that are distasteful or repulsive to you but you shall be held bound to treat such objects of dislike with gentleness, courtesy and justice and never allow your antipathies to make you ungentle or unjust to any living creature.

8: You shall ever regard the rights, interests and welfare of the many as superior to those of the one or the few, and in cases where your welfare, or that of any friend, is to be balanced against that of society, you shall sacrifice the welfare of yourself or your friend, to the welfare of the many.

9: You shall be obedient to the laws of the land in which you reside, in all things that do not conflict with your highest sense of right.

10: Your first and last duty upon earth and through all your life, shall be to seek for the principles of right and to live them out to the utmost of your power and whatever creed, precept or example conflicts with those principles, you shall shun and reject, ever remembering that the laws of right are:-

In morals – Justice
In science – Harmony
In religion – The fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man, the immortality of the human soul and, compensation and retribution for the good or evil done on earth.

Monday, 16 February 2009

Emma Hardinge-Britten

Here is the extract I promised yesterday from Emma's autobiography:-

"Immediately after supper we all adjourned to the suite of reception rooms our company consisting of our host and hostess (Mr Daniel & Mrs Leah (Fox) Underhill), Emma Hardinge, and her mother who were then staying at the house on a visit, Oliver and Mary Anne Johnson, Robert Dale Owen (Son of the late Robert Owen), William Lloyd Garrison and a few others.

The first spirit that manifested by loud rappings and calls for the alphabet, was Robert Owen, who announced that he wished to give a set of Spiritual Commandments through Emma, if she would kindly submit to his control, whilst his son Robert Dale Owen should transcribe them as the entranced medium spoke. Upon this, Emma Hardinge, (who, remember was to be the trance medium,) passing to the open piano, played for a few minutes a grand and solemn improvisation; then returning to the rest of the party, apparently under strong influence, she announced that she was ready to receive the good spirit's inspiration provided only he would give three affirmative knocks at the end of every correct sentence, or interrupt her by two knocks at any words that he objected to.

The medium then commenced speaking slowly, but emphatically, and with two corrections only from the controlling spirit, who spelled out by raps the words he wished to substitute, there were given ten spiritual commandments and ten laws of right."

This episode tells us three things about the way trance and rapping mediumship was used in those early days. First, Emma Hardinge played music on the piano - music has always been important in creating harmony in seances and raising the vibrations in the room. Second, the importance Emma attached to accuracy, recognising she might not convey Robert Owen's words precisely. She asked him to use raps to correct her and the power for these was provided by Leah of course, one of the Fox sisters and an excellent rapping medium. Third, Emma clearly found it easier to be taken into trance while she was playing the piano.


Sunday, 15 February 2009

The Heavenly Hosts

"The mightiest souls of all time hover o'er us,
Who laboured like Gods amongst men, and have gone
Like great bursts of sun, on the dark way before us,
They are with us, still with us, our battles fight on."

Emma Hardinge-Britten

This lady was one of the greatest pioneers of Spiritualism. As well as being a fine trance medium and inspirational speaker herself, she knew all the leading mediums of the day in both America and England. Tomorrow I will include an extract from her autobiography in which she describes the circumstances when she received from Spirit a set of Spiritual Commandments given by Robert Owen, the great social reformer. These later became the Seven Principles of the British Spiritualists' National Union.

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Fire - (Reflections on staring into the fire at home)

Flames consume and Flames illume,
Fire warms and Fire harms,
Fire transforms and Fire reforms.

Our own sun is a flaming cauldron of fire, burning at enormous temperatures, using atomic and nuclear fission to keep it going, seemingly forever. Already the sun has burned for millennia unknown and although our intellect tells us it will burn itself out eventually, to ordinary men and women it truly does seem as though it will shine eternally. It burns with fearsome intensity and telescopes enable us to see the huge explosions that from time to time send flames millions of miles out into space. Close up this sun, which appears to shine so benevolently upon us, is an expression of the awesome forces of nature. Were Earth situated just a little closer, life on our planet would be impossible. As it is, God has ordained it should maintain such a distance from earth that instead of making our planet a heartless desert, it creates, with the help of the rain, a verdant, beautiful home for humanity to enjoy. It provides those essential elements for physical life, warmth and light.

Wild fire, though less frightening in its power than the sun, is one of nature’s most fearsome and awe-inspiring phenomena, especially when it threatens homes and people that are in its path. Many a person has misjudged the speed with which such fires move and paid a terrible price, as Australians have recently learned only too tragically. Yet wild fires are an integral part of nature’s wonderful balance. In forests, each year many trees and shrubs die or are killed by storms and over time they become cluttered with this detritus. Some of it decays and provides food for the growing trees but it is also a serious fire hazard as it becomes as dry as tinder during hot, summer months. A flash of lightening, a piece of glass or metal that concentrates the sun’s rays in a clearing, a carelessly discarded match or cigarette end or worse still, a deliberate act by a pyromaniac is all that it takes to start a blaze.

Once the blaze takes hold and is fanned by winds, it consumes all in its path and generates so much heat that trees which would normally not catch fire become as matchwood and are destroyed in minutes. If homes and people are in its path, this fire becomes a disastrous menace and many courageous firemen brave the flames to save both, sometimes without success. However, nature needs wild fires to cleanse the areas they cover. Many trees die in the blaze and afterwards, the site looks barren and lifeless but within months all is transformed. For the first time in years rain reaches the ground in quantity and sunlight, another form of fire, combines with it to germinate the seeds of flowers and grasses that have lain dormant in the soil for years. All of a sudden the earth is a blaze of colour as these seeds seek to reproduce themselves in haste, lest the canopy of the forest returns to deny them life.

Where once there was nothing but silence and sombre shadow, now the song of birds is heard, butterflies float from blossom to blossom and the air is heavy with the scent of flowers innumerable. Trees will slowly grow again, tall, healthy and majestic but it will take years before the sunlight and rain are blocked out once more. Thus round and round the circle of nature runs and the fire that created fear in the hearts of men has been the agent of transformation and renewal.

The dancing flames in the fireplace seem a million miles from the blazing heart of the conflagration that destroys a huge building or a wild fire out of control. Yet they are one and the same. The contrast illustrates so many aspects of our own lives. Under control, many dangerous and frightening natural forces can be brought into the service of humanity. So it is with our emotions. Under control they can be of service to others; out of control they are a menace that can sometimes threaten life and limb. Sometimes however, like the action of the wild fire in cleansing and renewing huge areas of forest, a certain level of violent emotion is needed to clear the emotional detritus we have collected within us. The Greeks named this catharsis and many of their tragedies were written to illustrate the cleansing actions of such violent emotion.

Examining the transformation wrought by fire in the wild, leads me to consider the transforming effects on human beings caused by the fires of pain and suffering. Just as the ore which contains gold has to be subjected to immense temperatures in order to release the beauty of the metal within, so the beauty and strength that lie within all human beings are often only revealed after undergoing great suffering. Sometimes the suffering is physical, sometimes emotional and sometimes spiritual.

A writer can only uncover the true beauty of his prose by effort - practice and revision, over and over; so it is with all worthwhile human achievements. Nothing worthwhile can be achieved without great effort and application. Even when the ideas and words appear to flow with ease, it is only when they have been honed and honed again by thought, revision, more thought and more revision that they reveal their true beauty of form and line.

It is easy to strike a match and light the paper beneath a fire but unless the wood and coals above have been carefully selected and laid, the fire will not catch alight. Soon all the paper will be consumed by the flames and no further heat can be obtained. Equally, even when the fire is burning merrily in the grate, unless it is tended carefully and new fuel added from time to time, the fire will die and all warmth from it will vanish.

There is a lesson here that we should remember in our personal endeavours. Always try to prepare the materials properly, including your mind and your brain and never neglect to tend the project as it progresses. How often have you become so excited or carried away by the initial success of a new project, only to find that success is short-lived? On examination, you will often find, I think, that your excitement and perhaps even self-satisfaction, caused you to neglect adding further fuel to the fire of your project and so it just died!

Friday, 13 February 2009

The Aim of Spiritualism

In all my experience, no-one has encapsulated the true aim of Spiritualism better than the 19th century American, Rev Theodore Parker. Despite the language being slightly archaic in parts, it sets out aims which any reasonable person could support.

Many modern Spiritualists are at best uncertain as to the true aim of Spiritualism and do not always understand fully the Principles on which it is based, either in Britain or the United States. At worst they attend their church just in case they receive a "message". It would be well for us all to read Parker's words regularly and in view of the current attitude towards 'messages', especially to note "It does not make the means the end."

Here is the complete text:

The Aim of Spiritualism
By Rev. Theodore Parker

The aim of Spiritualism is to effect a complete at-one-ment and unison of man with God,‘til every action and thought of man is in perfect harmony with the Divine Will. It makes absolute religion the point where man’s will and God’s will are one and the same.

It lays down no creed, asks no symbol and reverences no time or place exclusively. It cheerfully lives out its religion in all times and places, acts, words and thoughts. It considers forms and ceremonies as not essential it only reckons them as useful to those who need them.

It does not make the means the end. It prizes the sign only for the sake of the signification. Its temple is all space; its shrine, the good heart; its creed, all truth; its ritual, works of good and use; its profession of faith; a divine life, good works without, spiritual beauty and purity within and deeds of love to God through His creatures.

It does good for goodness’ sake. It asks no pardon for its sins but only seeks the opportunity to atone for them. It bows to no idols, whether made of wood or of metal; of flesh or of parchment; or even of authorities or of books. It is reverent to truth only and rejects all falsehood, though upheld by antiquity or the power of the church. It counts no good word profane because a heathen spoke it, nor a lie sacred though uttered by those the world calls sacred.

Its watchwords are, “Be ye perfect, as God is perfect”. It makes each man his own redeemer and his own priest; but gladly accepts of every true word, every earnest exhortation to good, or wise counsel spoken by others. It calls God, Father, not king; Jesus Brother, not redeemer; the heavens, the Summer-land, not a golden heaven.

Its sum of prayer is “Thy will be done”; its church that of nature and all holy souls wherever gathered together.

Oh come let us worship in this holy temple. Let us worship the Father in spirit and in truth. All true aspiration, all noble effort, is worship.

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Israel and Palestine - Ask Spirit to help

Once again, Israel is at a turning point. The election results have shown the natural desire of Israelis for security within their own borders but they have produced a stalemate because no single party has a majority in parliament. The politicians now have choices to make. Not just the horse trading between them to decide who becomes Prime Minister but how they are going to respond to the electorate’s call for greater security.

Will they be brave enough to try love instead of hatred? ‘Turning the other cheek’ is seen by many as a sign of weakness. On the contrary, it takes a great deal of courage and determination but in the final analysis it is the only sensible approach. Israel has become the pariah of the free world, something I am sure they do not enjoy. This could be changed overnight. How? By taking the brave step to search for a non-violent solution to their problems and showing they are determined not to be deflected from this course.

Now is the time for each of us to pray for Israel. To pray that their politicians be given the wisdom, strength and determination to “take the road less travelled”. To pray that all Israelis and Palestinians be surrounded with the pure light of the spirit so that thoughts of revenge and domination are replaced with those of love, compassion and recognition that all people are spiritual brothers irrespective of race or creed. Only thus, will politicians be able to persuade their people to accept the ‘love option’.

The United States and its new President have a key role to play and Mr Obama needs our prayers too. May he be granted the wisdom to use the influence his country has over Israel with determination and guile. Maybe the beginning of a new Presidential term is a good time to ignore the ‘Jewish vote’ for once. By adopting radical, love based policies and persuading Israel they will be followed through, despite opposition at home, the USA can open Israeli eyes long closed by hatred and conflict.

Please ask all your friends to join you in this prayer.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

The Economic Recession

Can it be right that so many have to suffer for the dishonesty and greed of a few bankers and financiers?

I believe the claim of the poet Alexander Pope that “whatever is, is right,”. If so, what can be right about the behaviour of bankers and financiers that looks to be leading us into the worst economic recession for maybe 60 years?

There can be no doubt that humanity, especially in the so called ‘developed world’, has become focussed to a dangerous extent, on materialism. It is a focus that has become more and more intense with each new generation. This has been, in the main, due to the actions and words of scientists in all disciplines (whom we have unjustifiably deified), theologians, priests, ministers, politicians and the media. Because the influence of the latter has increased enormously since the advent of television and the worldwide web, so materialism and its companion consumerism, have been encouraged. Avarice and greed are a natural consequence.

Materialism has given us the god of money to fill the vacuum left by religion’s abandonment of its true spiritual responsibilities. It has also created the cult of the physical body. Physique is developed in countless gymnasia the world over; an ultra-slim body for ladies is promoted endlessly; drugs are taken by athletes so they can become faster or stronger than their opponents. The same lack of a moral dimension is seen here as in financial, get-rich-quick, schemes.

On every hand there are schemes to increase our wealth, we are urged to spend, spend, spend and never mind about whether we can afford it today – arrangements can be made to pay tomorrow! In recent years, how many people re-mortgaged their homes so as to buy cars etc. on the assumption the value of that home would keep increasing? How many others smiled and looked the other way when builders suggested telling mortgage lenders they were buying their houses for 20% or more higher and when this higher figure was accepted by the lender, builders shared the ‘profit’ with buyers? Normally sensible people allowed themselves to be persuaded all this was acceptable business and financial practice. No, it is not just the banks that were greedy, not only the banks lacked basic morality!

I accept the tempter is as, or maybe even more, guilty than the tempted but most people, deep down, knew what they were being encouraged to do was at its best unwise and at its worst unprincipled and dishonest. The seeds of our present harvest of misery were sown by many people, in all walks of life. The law of cause and effect does not become inoperative because one is tempted by another’s silver tongue!

I firmly believe that in the long term, what has happened will be seen as a blessing in disguise. Humans are threefold – body, mind and spirit. Many groups and individuals espouse this view but their voices urging us to develop our mind and spirit are drowned out by the clamour from the materialists. This present crisis, which could last a long time, is a watershed in human self-knowledge. Through its impact, more and more people will come to understand that a strong, fit mind and spirit are even more important than a strong, fit physical body. Many will be forced by circumstances into the company of other people and will thus become more aware of their needs and how each can help the other. Lack of the god money, will allow us to understand again that what is really important in life is often intangible. Love, happiness, joy, ecstasy, sadness, fear, hope and longing are not of the physical body.

We come to earth in order to learn spiritual lessons from all our experiences, not just those that are physical. We are also here to share with, not to exploit one another. Earthly life is a tiny proportion of our total life but no less important for that. Because materialism has moulded our minds into viewing all that happens here only in terms of the physical world and our physical bodies, our mind (part of the eternal spirit, not the brain) and our spirit are neglected. This sets up conflict within, leading to mental and physical illness because the mind influences the body so much. By allowing ourselves to focus only on our physical self, we are avoiding many opportunities for spiritual growth and understanding that would make us much more complete and balanced people.

THE CONSEQUENCES OF THE GREED AND IRRESPONSIBILITY OF RECENT DECADES IS THE WAY IN WHICH GOD IS MAKING US COME FACE TO FACE WITH OUR TRUE SPIRITUAL INHERITANCE. It offers a unique opportunity to change our thinking and our actions so our lives become more balanced and we give at least the same importance to the mind and the spirit as we do to the body.

The negative side is we all have to suffer, to a greater or lesser extent. The positive is that the result of the physical suffering could be a new world. A world ruled by love and understanding of our true nature.

The beauty of gold is only revealed after the ore has been subject to the fire of the refining process. This is our fire!

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Hopi Elders Speak

A dear friend sent me this today and I want to share it with you.


The Elders
Hopi Nation Oraibi, Arizona

You have been telling the people that this is the Eleventh Hour.

Now you must go back and tell the people that this is The Hour.

There are things to be considered:

Where are you living?

What are you doing?

What are your relationships?

Where is your water?

Know your garden.

It is time to speak your Truth.

Create your community.

Be good to each other.

Do not look outside yourself for the leader.

This could be a good time!

There is a river flowing now very fast.

It is so great and swift that there are those who will be afraid.

They will try to hold onto the shore.

They will feel they are being torn apart, and they will suffer greatly.

Know the river has its destination.

The elders say we must let go of the shore, push off into the middle
of the river, keep our eyes open, and our heads above the water.

See who is in there with you and celebrate.

At this time in history, we are to take nothing personally.

Least of all, ourselves.

For the moment we do, our spiritual growth and journey comes to a halt.

The time of the lone wolf is over.

Gather yourselves!

Banish the word struggle from your attitude and vocabulary.

All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

The Elders
Hopi Nation Oraibi, Arizona

Monday, 9 February 2009

More about the Natural World

"Take advantage of the summer, when tree and flower, mountain and sea, bird and beast, field and river and stream reveal themselves in all their beauty. Praise the Great Spirit, who has brought you such an infinite variety of His artistry as displayed in nature's handiwork. Seek communion with those forces; strive to find the Great Spirit as He is expressed in the silence of the forest, in the lulling of the wind, in the trilling of the bird, in the nodding pine, in the ebb and flow of the ocean, in the perfume and scent of the flower, in the drone of the insect.

Try to learn how to become at one with nature's hidden forces, so that you can obtain through them the strength that resides there. The Great Spirit can talk to you in many ways, not only in churches and temples, through inspired prophets and mediums, through sacred books with their countless revelations, but also through the voice of nature, which is His servant. I want to convey to you the love of the Great Spirit as expressed by all His powers - those that speak and those that are silent."

Silver Birch

Sunday, 8 February 2009

More Church Bulletin Howlers!

Some of you will be off to church today. Here are some more humorous examples that actually appeared in print in church bulletins!

The Fasting & Prayer Conference includes meals.

Ladies, don't forget the rummage sale. It's a
chance to get rid of those things not worth keeping
around the house. Bring your husbands.

Remember in prayer the many who are sick of our
community. Smile at someone who is hard to love. Say
"Hell" to someone who doesn't care much about you.

Don't let worry kill you off - let the Church

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Natural Worship

God of the granite and the rose,
Soul of the sparrow and the bee,
The mighty tide of being flows
Through countless channels Lord, from thee.
It leaps to life in grass and flowers,
Through every grade of being runs,
‘Til from creation’s radiant towers
Its glory flames in stars and suns.

Oh you who sit and gaze on life,
With folded hands and fettered will,
Who only see amid the strife,
The dark supremacy of ill.
Know that like birds and streams and flowers,
The life that moves you is divine!
Nor time, nor space, nor human powers
Your God-like spirit can confine.

God of the granite and the rose,
Soul of the sparrow and the bee,
The mighty tide of being flows,
Through all your creatures back to thee.
Thus round and round the circle runs,
A mighty sea without a shore,
While men and angels, stars and suns,
Unite to praise you evermore.

Lizzie Doten

Friday, 6 February 2009

Trails of Truth

Here is another quotation from this wonderful book describing a series of séances that took place in Ontario, Canada in the late 1920’s. The chief guide of the circle, a doctor from the spiritual world called Dr. Anderson, is explaining how the victory of Spiritualism over orthodoxy can free people from the bondage of ignorance if it is properly promoted. (If only we could each forget our petty differences and concentrate whole-heartedly on this wonderful objective!! – Lionel)

“The nature of this victory is to prove to the multitude that there is no death, that there is no hell fire, and that God loves all. To prove that you, not God, create your own hell. Hell is within you. Just imagine a God, whose mercy endures forever, punishing us! Can you think of that? God, your own Father, who gave you your own spirit – for you are part of God! Naturally, God would not punish Himself. He loves all His children.

That church which teaches there is no death, will be saved. God is loving and merciful. There is no hell. It is a condition of the mind within yourself. Those that do evil will dwell in darkness. Remorse presses on their souls and, like heavy food, causes nightmares. It continues to press until they show a desire for good. Then they attract a ministering angel. God’s hand is always stretched out to help the lost sheep to return to its fold. But the sheep cannot be found until its cry is heard. Jesus’ parable of The Lost Sheep and the Great Shepherd is a picture of spiritual life. The prodigal Son is another true representation.”

“Is the bible infallible?” asked a sitter.

“Some parts of the bible were written two or three hundred years after Jesus. The parts that speak of the wrath of God and of hell are put there by man to cause fear amongst the people of that day. The church wished to dominate and establish a business. Those were the times when papers were sold on the streets to redeem the souls of men. A change will take place before long. A new thought and truth is being ushered in. The church that accepts the teachings of Jesus in truth – that there is no death, - for anyone, irrespective of religion or belief (Lionel) – will live. Truth must win and will win. Others will heed the message down the centuries and join the truth. Truth cannot be hidden. The light can never be put out.

May God bless and guide you throughout all the pathways of earthly expression. May God enlighten you with divine truth, showering knowledge and blessing upon your spirits. Amen”

Finally, the doctor from spirit was asked about the preparations needed in spirit for séances like the one they were sitting in. The sittings usually lasted two hours.

“It takes from 75 to 100 angels to make one of these sittings possible,” said Doctor Anderson.

Now there’s a sobering thought for anyone deciding to sit in a circle or séance but not willing to commit themselves on a regular basis because “I’m too busy!” - Lionel

Thursday, 5 February 2009


Just in case any of us gets carried away!!

A fire and brimstone preacher was haranguing his congregation. He said,
“Far too many people think they are perfect, but we are all miserable sinners.”

Looking each member of the congregation in the eye he thundered,
“I challenge anyone here who thinks he or she is perfect to raise your hand now.”

There was silence as the preacher glared at the congregation. Almost un-noticed, an unprepossessing, inoffensive little man at the rear of the church hesitatingly raised his hand.

The preacher looked at him in disbelief. “You are perfect?” he shouted.

“No sir, not me, I’m speaking as proxy for the wife’s first husband.”!!

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

E Mail to God

I just loved this when I first read it and want to share it with you all.


Hi God, it is just me again.
You know I have this group
of friends that I need you
to take care of and watch over.
They are not from my town,
and most are not even in
the same state/province.

In fact there are some that
live in a different country.
They are scattered all over the world.
I met them on the Internet.

We send emails to each other,
we chat, and some I have even spoken to
on the phone, but most of them,
we will never meet face to face.

However there are a few
that I have been lucky
enough to share a real hug with.
It does not matter
if we have met or not
these people are my friends.

There is so much going on
Out there in the world,
and it scares me.

You see I care about
these friends that I have met,
and God that is why
I am asking you to please
watch over them and protect them.
I would never have imagined
that I could care
and even love someone
that I have only met online.

The truth is loving
and truly caring
about a person
begins in the heart,
and it stays inside
of the heart.

I ask you God to give
my friends happiness and peace.
Please take care of them,
and guide them.
Through the Internet
I have been so lucky
to have found friends
from all over the world.

I have learned that
although some of us have
different beliefs
and we live differently,
we are so much alike,
all of us hoping for
the same things in life,
true happiness.

Please God, bless each one
of these friends that have
touched my life in one way
or another.
Forgive those God
that have hurt others,
help them learn the true
meaning of love and friendship.

I know that each person
that I have met through the net
has been placed in my path
for a reason, so I ask you
once again God, protect them,
guide them, keep them safe,
love them and bless them
throughout their lives.


Sunday, 1 February 2009

Vibrations and Spirit Communication

Hello again,

I am going to be away for a few days so this post will be the last before I return. It is quite long and I hope those of you interested in Communication with Spirit People will find it interesting and follow it's instructions. Until my return then,

Au Revoir,


Some of you who read this Blog may well be sitting in various types of Circle for spirit communication. If so, the importance of creating the right ‘vibrations', will have been stressed to you by your circle leader. What follows should help you to understand why.

The following is an extract from the book “Trails of Truth” by Jenny O’Hara Pincott and it records a series of séances held with Materialisation medium William Cartheuser in Ontario, Canada in the 1920’s. It describes what can happen if ‘vibrations’ are wrong. A Doctor Anderson is speaking from the spiritual world through one of two trumpets used in this circle that met regularly over a number of years but not always with the same sitters at each séance.

Anyone who sits in a circle for spirit communication of any kind, will do well to note what is said and to ensure everything possible is done in their circle to see everyone approaches the experience with honesty.

“I shall state a case of a doctor in the flesh who was present at a séance. His father in spirit comes to see him and says, “Hello Joe, my boy!” The boy (the doctor) says “Hello father.” His father continues, “I am so proud my son, of your two children. The older boy looks just like yourself!” His son responds, “Yes father and do you not think the girl looks like me too?”

The father hesitates and slowly replies “Yes”; then proceeds to say, “My boy, I was with you when you and your friend, Charlie, were on the ice and the latter fell in and drowned.” The son answers “Yes but what about the girl that was drowned; don’t you remember that?” Again the father hesitates and slowly says “Yes.”

How little you people realise that when a spirit speaks to you direct, especially when a relation talks to you, you create a flow of magnetic currents. This father was within that stream, or flow. Oh, how glad he is to be in the stream of his boy’s vibration! And as he drifts along he does not realise his son would dare to deceive him. But he feels something is not right. He reaches out to rescue himself and at last asks for help to withdraw himself from this stream of magnetic force. And as he comes out he meets a teacher and says, “Oh teacher, my boy tried to deceive me!” The teacher inquires, “In what way?” He answers, “I told him he had two children and then he asked me about the girl. And oh teacher, he hasn’t a girl! I went on but could not turn around. I could not resist. When he mentioned the girl I said ‘Yes, yes, yes.’ I had to say it, because I was in his vibration. Then I reminded my boy about his friend Charlie, who was drowned; there was no girl. I could not again say, ‘No, there is no girl’ and I said ‘Yes, yes, yes!’

It is a good thing that a teacher listened in, which does not always happen. She said to the doctor that was present, “Doctor, do you wish to be deceived?” “Why no!” he exclaimed. “Then”, replied the teacher, “how dare you deceive your father?” You told him a lie. You have only two boys, not a boy and a girl; and neither did a girl drown, but a boy – Charlie by name.” The doctor laughed, he thought it was a good joke. When he left the séance room he said, “Isn’t that funny - I got caught!”

But suppose one of the teachers had not listened in. The doctor would have said it was all humbug, gone home and caused trouble.. As it was, after that doctor went home he said, “I think there is something to it alright but the whole thing is like mind reading to me!”

If you want to talk to your loved ones, be on the square. As you sow, so shall you reap. You cannot plant stones and harvest potatoes. You have to sow potatoes to reap potatoes. Often people say “If that is true, why is it that spirits do not detect us? We were only teasing the spirits!” Such persons should not be allowed to sit in any of these séances. They should first be made to study the laws that govern spirit communication. They should first study the difficulties through which we have to break to reach you people here on this material plane. You, of earth are yourselves learning how hard it is for a receiving set (radio) to be clear and distinct at all times. You are beginning to realise there are magnetic waves in the atmosphere that cause static. You have learned that if there is a high tension wire near a receiving set it causes a humming sound. You, your thoughts and brain are receiving sets as well as transmitters. Human thoughts may interfere, and help or destroy our forces of communication. If they destroy we are helpless to you, unless some genius on the spirit side can switch off the doubter’s thoughts and straighten matters out.

So I say to you, if you try to communicate, be honest – be on the square. Through honesty you will receive messages absolutely test-proof, fool-proof and science-proof. Anyone who goes to a séance, being honest himself, will soon find out if the instrument (the medium) is really an instrument or a humbug. ‘By their fruits shall ye know them.’ Go forth with honesty to seek the truth and you shall not fail.

Even Jesus could not perform miracles unless he met people who had faith. When an ill person came in touch with Jesus he cried, “Heal me!” The Lord replied, “Do you believe in me?” According to your faith so shall it be with you.” Then the man was healed. Had he not had faith he could not have been healed. Faith unlocks the subconscious self. Had the man said, “Master I have no faith, but am willing to be shown,” his subconscious self would have remained closed.

Tell your friends that they receive what they send out. If they are honest they will receive the truth. The spirit force here is always truthful. Check it up and you will find out. We have and Open Door who is honest, and conscientious. I have not found anyone yet, who used common sense, that did not find it so.

Look for honesty, and you will not need any imagination to receive it. Honesty at home, honesty among your friends, will have no other way of expressing itself except by you yourself receiving honesty.”

I think from all the references to ‘on the square’, the communicator from spirit must have been a Freemason when on earth, or else all those present were au fait with Freemasonry. Although what is said here refers to a physical phenomena séance, I believe the same rules apply with any form of circle where communication with spirit is sought. Like attracts like – if a sitter is seeking to prove a point by deceit, then he or she will in their turn be deceived. The reference to faith in healing needs to be qualified I believe. The faith referred to is not faith in God or in a particular religion but faith that there is a healing power that brings about cures.

Self Knowledge

Know your own self: this type, this due degree
Of blindness, weakness, heaven bestows on you.
Submit-in this or any other sphere,
Secure to be as blessed as you can bear;
Safe in the hand of one disposing Power,
If in the natal or the mortal hour.
All nature is but art unknown to you;
All chance direction which you cannot see;
All discord, harmony not understood;
All partial evil, universal good.
In spite of pride and erring reason,
One truth is clear, WHATEVER IS, IS RIGHT.

Alexander Pope