Thursday, 16 February 2012

Valentine's Day

Sorry frinds, this should have been posted on Monday but I had computer problems. However, "better late than never!" Lionel

Valentine’s Day

Tomorrow is St Valentine’s Day, a day devoted to lovers in Western society. Like so much in this secular age, Valentine’s Day has become commercialised but nonetheless many of the cards sent to lovers tomorrow will be sent with love and sincerity. It is an opportunity to restate our love for those closest to us in this life and as such should not be scoffed at, despite the commercialisation. Love is the greatest of all forces; it is the force that created the universe and everything in it. Part of Christian dogma begins, “God so loved the world He gave his only begotten son . . . “ In my humble opinion it would be far more correct and universally embracing to say this:

God is so full of love that He created life, the Earth and countless other planets in His universe, so that all, (animal, vegetable and mineral) could experience the conflicts, agonies and joys of existing in a physical environment.

These conflicts, agonies and joys mould and prepare all life forms for their eternal progression through the countless realms of spiritual life that lie beyond physical existence: Each step in this eternal chain of progress, refining and purifying the spirit so it can contribute more and more to the creative process; a process which is also progressive and eternal. Even here on Earth, we continually contribute to creation in our daily lives. This is because each of us is part of God and within us, without exception, is that divine spark of divine love and creativity.

This applies just as much to the soaring skylark pouring out its adoration in notes of joy and happiness, as it does to the strutting peacock displaying its beauty so proudly; to the brilliance of gem stones as they sparkle with fire, reflecting the sun’s light, as to the pebbles on the beach or the grace of the mountain that add so much to the beauty and variety of this wonderful world; to the delicate petals and glorious scent of the rose as to the humble daisy; to the tiger “burning bright” as to the meanest crawling insect.

Life, no matter what form it takes, can only exist because spirit energises it. Without the presence of spirit, matter can have no form. This means that even the planets and stars themselves are energised by the power of the spirit. Remember the bible’s description of creation? And the earth was formless and void, and darkness was over the surface of the deep; and the Spirit of God was moving over the surface of the waters.” (Genesis 1:2) Those who dismiss the creation story as myth and nonsense should think again. What the writer of Genesis is telling us is exactly what I have been saying in this article. He is describing the love of God creating form by the donation of a portion of His spirit to all existence.

I wish each of you a happy Valentines Day and the power to recognise and respond to the presence of the love of the spirit in your life.