Wednesday, 19 August 2009

When You Lose a Child

One of the most harrowing things that can happen to us is to lose a child to the spirit world. Having so eagerly anticipated their arrival and planned their future as far as we are able, to then lose them is a blow that leaves a permanent scar, even though we may eventually manage to come to terms with what happened.

Often when I am contacting the spirit for people, I find a child is brought back from spirit to spend a few moments once more in the company of mother or father. What happens with children in the spiritual world? First of all, no matter for how short a time a child has been in contact with earth, even if they are stillborn, miscarried or aborted, they are individuals who live on in the spirit world. Even where they have never physically met their parents, Mum is still Mum and Dad is still Dad. Their life is so short here because the experience of just touching the earth is all they need to help them with the next stage of their spiritual evolution. When they return to spirit, they understand the pain and sacrifice their parents have made, are forever grateful and surround their parents with love.

Having returned to the spirit world, from whence we all come, the child is required to undergo education, just as would be the case here. However, the education is very different in the spiritual world as Andrew Jackson Davis, the great American Spiritualist seer of the nineteenth century observed. He was taken to the schools in the spiritual world, which he claims were named Lyceums and he tried to reproduce their system of education here by launching the Lyceum Movement in New York in 1863. He found that instead of trying to force information into children which was the accepted way in the nineteenth century, education in spirit was designed to bring out what was inside the children. It was a ‘drawing out’ rather than a ‘forcing in’. Modern state education practices here are now more enlightened but still do not embrace the depth of education that schools in spirit do.

Children are therefore educated and in addition to learning similar lessons about the earth that we all learn, they are taught about the spiritual world, how it interacts with earth and the fact that both are merely different dimensions occupying the same space. They learn about mediumship and the role needed from spirit for communication to be possible between the two dimensions. They discover far more about the universe and its laws than we even understand at present and they are surrounded by love and not allowed to come into contact with negative forces until they are mature enough to be able to cope with them. They are also periodically brought to visit the earthly homes of their families so that they do not lose touch with their parents or any siblings they may have. It is important that they are able in this way to feel the slower, heavier vibrations associated with earth. It helps them understand more clearly the differences between the two dimensions.

In my experience, when spirits come close to me who have passed to the spiritual world as children, I become immediately conscious of the pureness and brilliance of the light they bring with them. It is very special and quite different for instance, from the light that comes with some of the people from higher regions in the spiritual world who work with me in that altered state of consciousness called trance. This is true whether they have passed recently or been there for many years. Also, irrespective of the time they have been in spirit, they show themselves as children or babies for recognition purposes. In spirit we all have the ability to show ourselves at whatever age we choose.

Although little equates with the devastation of losing a child, I hope that these words help to reassure those of you who have passed through such an experience. That they help you to understand that your child still lives, you are still its mother or father and he or she is brought to visit you. Above all, when your time comes at last to return to the spiritual world, you will be reunited once more and the joy of that moment is indescribable.

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