Friday, 21 August 2009

In Thanks to The Mississippi Valley Spiritualist Association

I have reached the end of a wonderful two weeks in Iowa where I have made many friends and also discovered a new strength in my links with the spiritual world. I found a depth to my mediumship that has surprised and delighted me also, even though I have worked as a medium for so long. It prompts me to remind myself that we grow all the time if only we are willing to stretch ourselves, to reach beyond our grasp.

Growth is irrevocably linked to change and although it is sometimes difficult to accept, change occurs because we are ready for it. The next step in our spiritual, mental and emotional evolution demands the change, for stasis leads to stagnation. Each time we take an evolutionary step forward, our aura sends out a signal to the universe. That signal attracts to us the conditions and the people we need to successfully complete the next step. Because we become too accustomed, too comfortable with the status quo, we frequently resent these changes. However, looking back on earlier changes in our lives, we quickly realise we could not have arrived at the point in our lives we are now without those changes. Be assured that where you are now is where you intended to be. Your inner self, obeying the dictate of your thoughts, has arranged it through the medium of the aura.

Our thoughts are king and we follow their direction unerringly, whether they are constructive and positive or destructive and negative. It is well for us therefore to guard our thoughts carefully. The attitude that it matters not what I think so long as I act well, is misguided in the extreme. No matter how much we fool ourselves into thinking the unwholesome thoughts we have are hidden away and will never be discovered, if as we frequently do, we persist in them in secret, they will ultimately bear fruit in our actions. We will inevitably become the type of person that reflects those thoughts we spend the most time dwelling upon, even if it is in secret.

Of course none of us can be perfect and most have minds filled with both good and unwholesome thoughts. The important thing is to recognise the vital importance of the mind and its product, thought and that it is possible to exercise conscious control over them. There is a definite need to try hard to exercise control, to discipline our thinking. It is far from easy and as with so many things in life, we will fail as often as we succeed. Remember, habit is ingrained in the human psyche and it is infectious – whatever habit you choose (and it is a choice, even if an unconscious one) to cultivate, the more you persevere in it, the easier it will become. If you develop bad habits they will grow; you will at the very best stagnate and at the worst become a bad person. On the other hand begin to develop good habits and they will grow too. You will turn into a much better person.

As I leave this beautiful woodland setting with its abundant wildlife and friendly people, I give thanks to the Great Spirit for the opportunity to come here, to work hard admittedly, but also to feel the beautiful interaction that takes place between ourselves, other people and the natural world when we give ourselves up to the wishes of our inner self.

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  1. Lionel -

    What a beautiful picture! Holly, Chase & I are back home and I've had the opportunity to read your blog for the first time in weeks! Thank you for the time you spent with us in Iowa and may your tour through the US be as pleasant as we had hoped to provide while you were with us. Come back again soon!