Monday, 10 August 2009


I am in the State of Iowa at present, at the Mississippi Valley Spiritualist Association Camp. It is set in beautiful woodland where deer, ground hogs, racoons and squirrels are seen and eagles occasionally fly overhead. It is so very peaceful and I can feel the wonderful energy from the trees energising me for my work with the spirit world.

We take trees and other wild plant life for granted most of the time, without realising their importance to our lives on earth. Much publicity is given to the destruction of rain forest because of its adverse affect on the climate but there is much more than that. The spiritual energy given out by plants and especially trees is phenomenal and can be a great help to us if we are willing to spend time in the woods and the countryside and attune ourselves to their vibration. If you are feeling down for any reason, spending time walking through the woods whilst allowing yourself to feel the energy all around you is one of the best pick-me-ups that there is.

All life interchanges energy unconsciously but because we have consciousness we can exchange energy intentionally. Sometimes we want to be alone. Human company is not desired at such times, so we will often “go for a walk.” In doing that, although we usually don’t realise it, we are inviting the healing energy of the natural world to work its magic with us. Invariably it works and we return from our walk refreshed and ready to face life again. I have sometimes sat down with my back against a tree trunk and it is not long before I feel the energy from the tree surrounding and penetrating my being. Unlike we humans, trees and other plants do not have to be asked to give of themselves. They do it all the time and to all, they do not stop to judge which one deserves and which one does not.

When we think of the world as a wonderful place that we are sharing with others, our mind tends to dwell on other human beings and animals and we overlook the fact that plants are there as part of the sharing process also. One of the great joys of earthly life is companionship and friendship. To share our joy as much as our pain is very important and this is what true friends and true companions offer to us. However, we should remember that there is spiritual, as well as physical companionship and it is vital for us to share such if we are to be complete as human beings. The difference between the two is that physical companionship requires the presence of the physical body of the companion and communication by word or thought. Spiritual companionship can come from such a situation too but it can also be provided by inanimate beings such as plants and even certain stones.

I feel we should not restrict our search for spiritual companionship to people or animals but should practice opening our awareness to the whole of the natural world, for every living thing is energised by spirit and exudes the power of the spirit. By extending our awareness when out of doors in parks or woods or fields, we open ourselves to receive the pure, unconditional, spiritual love given off by plant life of all kinds. In the case of flowers, for instance, their perfume, wafted to us on the breeze is part of their spiritual essence which is there for our benefit if we choose to accept it. Breathe in deeply when you receive the scent of flowers and see how you become energised by it. You may be surprised at its effect. Offer your own spiritual essence back by imagining your love flowing towards the flowers and this will set up a beautiful exchange of subtle energies between you.

“Go mark the matchless working of the power that shuts within the seed the future flower.”

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  1. i want express my gratitude to lionel for his words of encouragement and love. i was blessed here in iowa to have met with him and what a pleasure it was. thanks for coming to the mississippi valley spiritualist camp. keenya