Friday, 25 November 2016



A mystery great of human kind,
That’s hidden from probing eyes,
That search within the brain to find,
The mind that elsewhere lies.

Though ‘prisoned in our mortal flesh,
Mind’s made of finer corn,
It came with us from heaven’s crèche,
On wings of spirit borne.

It dwells within that special place,
Where soul and body meet,
A place that shows the human race,
Has more than clay clad feet.
 It is the captain of our ship,
That sails Earth’s stormy sea,
Ensuring that this special trip
Will teach us how to be.

When we think we’re fast asleep,
Mind does not doze or roam.
It is alert, our soul to keep
Aware of heaven, its home.

Mind is our link twixt God and Man,
It knows we are divine.
Mind is aware of His great plan,
Who drew that grand design.

Mind gives the lie to those who say,
“Eternal life?  No never.”
Listen now, your fears allay,
Your soul lives on forever.
The mystery really is not mind,
But Man’s persistent error,
In thinking that at death we’ll find
Nought but fear and terror.

Your mind it is more truly you,
Than what the glass reflects.
Keep fed and prized, whate’er you do,
It’s fine in all respects.

Be still for that’s when mind excels,
And links you with that power,
That comes from where the angel dwells,
Who tends you every hour.

Some there are who cannot know,
The beauty of their mind,
There is no link within to show,
What you and I can find.

But with that link the heavens ope,
And show us life eternal.
With active mind there’s always hope,
Of knowing love supernal.

Lionel Owen                                                                                                                                   November 2016