Sunday, 9 August 2009


When the pressures of life seem too great, where should we turn? Sometimes it seems impossible to know because the pressures seem to create a barrier around us preventing us from feeling or sensing anything other than the immediate problem.

It is important for us to remember that we are never alone, there are spirit guardians and loved ones belonging to us in spirit who are always there just waiting to help us carry the extra burden that has appeared. Try to do anything that will help you to relax at these times. Listen to your favourite music and let it carry you away for a while – Read an inspiring poem and become lost in its imagery and emotion – Try to imagine yourself back in a place where you were particularly happy and allow the joy of its memory to divert your thoughts. These are the kind of things that will help you to relax, even in the most stressful situations.

When you are relaxed, then your helpers and loved ones in the spirit world can draw closer to you and help you to feel their presence. They can transmit to you, through your aura, their love, strength and energy so that you will feel ready once again to face the next round in the particular challenge that besets you. They cannot of course assume our burden but they can and do help us to find the strength and determination with which to overcome it. This is the wonder and beauty of God’s design, where the spiritual world and the earthly world interpenetrate one another. Spirit is all around us though most of us are unaware of that fact. When we face some of the harshest realities of life, then the spirit people make a special effort to draw close and be there for us. We need to learn how to play our part in the process by practising relaxation and being still whenever we get the chance. If we do that, it will be easier to create the right conditions for spirit to help us, when emergencies arise.

As spirit in a physical body, each one of us is able to become aware of the spiritual world in our own way. This does not mean we are mediums but just that we have the inbuilt capacity for transcending this earthly world for short periods in order to be refreshed and strengthened. Just as the physical body needs the right food to keep it running effectively, so the spirit needs to be fed also. Much of its food is obtained when we sleep and the spirit is freed to roam once more in the spiritual atmosphere which is its natural environment. However, the modern world we have created places individuals under so much stress compared to earlier generations that we need to feed our spirit selves during our waking hours also. We do that by creating an inner stillness and allowing our spirit to impress itself more firmly upon our conscious minds. This is the main purpose of meditation and learning a few basic techniques will stand us in good stead when life’s challenges present themselves.

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