Saturday, 31 October 2009

Cora Tappan’s Address – 6

The Earth itself is as a gigantic ball in the hands of an ancient soul who, moving upon the spirits of men, sways the atoms of matter to the purpose of bringing perfection of the highest possible kind to this earth, waiting patiently through long epochs of unfoldment, that matter, through the process of infinite change, may work out the ideal purpose of that soul. Other worlds, in charge of other souls advanced to a greater degree of perfection, and performing the highest functions twofold in the hands of individual spirits as a rose blossoms beneath the care of a skilled horticulturalist. Compare these productions (pointing to a choice bouquet on the table) with the wild rose of the wilderness and you will see what man may do. Compare the world in the outermost sphere of the solar system with the earth in its present state, and you will see what spirit can do, aided by knowledge, wisdom and the fulfilment of its perfected powers. The world of spirits is not a world of idleness, but of work. The unfolding cycles of human life present to the soul the fullest opportunities for the development and expression of every power; and all intermediate states of spiritual life, as well as man in his lowest state upon the earth, are swayed and governed after their kind and type even by this mind, who uses them for the intermediate labour of developing and unfolding a world.

If Franklin upon earth can, seemingly by accident, draw lightening from the heavens, which is now made your messenger, what cannot the soul do sitting in the midst of those elements and governing with the flames of thought the actual power wherewith to create and govern worlds? The spheres of spiritual life are therefore, spheres of intensest activity and thought. The individual mind that follows its grovelling aims, mindful only of the petty personality which is enveloped by the outward form, has very little in common it is true, with the spirits and angels of those spheres who, forgetting personality, are more individualised and capable of governing and controlling others. What poor and narrow limit the human thought of daily life affords, caring for the outward body and intent upon its pleasures merely! What narrow compass or sphere is embodied in the individual mind that is more intent upon the praise of men than knowledge of them, and values more the esteem of his outward consciousness than all the truths developed in the starry firmament!

Small indeed are these beginnings; but as a child must, before it can walk, many times seemingly fall, so the spirit, before it finally grapples with matter and overcomes it, must seem to be the petty thing that every human being sometimes feels him or herself to be. And before an angel can be aware of its surpassing powers it must have struggled through contact with and supremacy over matter to the extent of vanquishing every possible tie that can bind to the outer man or the mere personality by which human life is known. The man Christ, revealed in Bethlehem, unmindful of the person so that the individual soul was spared, presents the ideal type of man when, forgetting himself, he remembers only the truth, pursues it and serves it and becomes thereby an individual. Persons are not individuals; they are too much absorbed in their outward selves; they form too small and narrow a compass to be considered as such. Individuals are self-forgetful, and by their surpassing sacrifice of martyrdom, heroism, or the expression of it, reveal the individuality that lies hidden in the human spirit.

Friday, 30 October 2009

Cora Tappan’s Address – Part 5

Beyond the Earth is the planet Mars, developing higher attributes of spiritual power, and inhabited by souls that have passed through all possible advantages of development upon Earth or some other planet, and possessing a spiritual aura that is next in degree in advance of the Earth, namely an inclination to spirituality or religion, instead of an external materialism or science. The planetary system, as you will remember, has a break here, and we come to the Asteroids. It was a favourite theory among the ancients, and was perhaps, even entertained by Copernicus himself, that the Asteroids, occupying precisely the proper place of a planet, were at one time a planet which, by internal fires or some kind of revolution, volcanic or otherwise, was rent or divided, and that they constitute the various fragments of the ancient world and that this may possibly account for the world which was supposed to be lost by the ancient astrologers, and which, under the name of Lucifer, has been handed down as a favourite means of accounting for his satanic majesty. However much truth there may be in this, the Asteroids occupy a middle position, presenting a sphere of spiritual art in its varied light of music, poetry, sculpture, painting and literature. They are occupied by souls or spirits who, graduating in these various degrees of art, find their spirituality in highest expressions of outward harmony.

Belonging in the spiritual atmosphere attending these planets or small stars is the sphere, or one portion of the sphere of harmony, which typifies the link between the pure materialism and intellect of the planets that lie nearer the sun and the pure wisdom and spirituality of the planets that lie beyond the Asteroids, Jupiter, Saturn, Herschell, all the way in direct line to the outermost planet (which has not yet been discovered) present a gradual and inclined plane of wisdom – upon the planet Jupiter, of justice; upon the planet Saturn, of hope and love; and in the outermost of wisdom and absolute truth, and the spiritual states surrounding these planets presents a gradual sliding scale of development, of which the highest height that man on earth has dreamt is the feeble expression, and of which the lowest depth of man on Earth, or any planet, presents a glimmering hope and prophecy. And we assure you that between the Earth and each of these worlds there is not a point of space un-peopled by souls or spirits intent upon the perfection and development of their own beings through t he perfection and development of others, and that the lesson which is given to man in his lowest earthly or planetary state is the lesson of vanquishing that substance over which he, after a time, shall become ruler.

It is stated by science that nature is governed by law. We state that atoms, worlds, systems, and systems of suns, are governed by mind; not only the Infinite mind, but the Infinite mind working through individual conscious beings. We will prove it. Garibaldi proposes to change the course of the Tiber. The Egyptians changed the course of a river. You have altered the meteorological conditions of the atmosphere above you many degrees by manufactures and commerce. The plains and prairies of the West have been made fruitful by the screamings of the steam engine that brings rain in unfrequented quarters. Egypt rescued from her ancient state of desolation; the deserts in Arabia made to blossom as the rose, are the prophecies of men on earth. If you could estimate the actual change made by man in the atmospheric conditions of the Earth itself, you would find that the proportion is as 99 to 100, and that within the epoch known as history by man. If a race of human beings without knowledge can cause this much change in the temperature, atmospheric conditions, magnetic and electric currents, and if by the adaptation of elements like steam, electricity and other undiscovered motor powers, you shall alter the entire purpose of the atmosphere, to the end of bringing to the deserts rain, and taking away from the morasses the superfluous moisture, what may be done by intelligent minds with knowledge?

Two particularly fascinating points are made in this excerpt: First the prediction that the planet Pluto will be discovered, which it was, and second, the reference to changes in the global atmosphere caused by industrial development. (Global warming?)

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Cora Tappan’s Address – Part 4

The Planet Venus

Around every planet is a corresponding aura, both of physical and spiritual life, the spiritual life being in exact proportion to the advancement of the planet itself, so that if you have from an outward furnace an emanation of smoke, so you have from an undeveloped world an emanation of cloud and vapour and of spiritually-darkening substances. If you have from an earth developed approximately to a sphere of science and learning an atmosphere that is proportionately clear, so you have around that planet an atmosphere that is spiritually clear, and all spirits who are related to, or according to their spiritual state, are allied to any planet, must for the time-being, exhibit the prevailing aura that exists upon it, indeed are the cause of it. If, from a densely populated city, like that which you inhabit, upon a little eminence at a distance you may discover a vast cloud of smoke, which you would be unwilling to enter if it did not seemingly disappear as you approached it, so from a world like your earth, that we shall presently show is in an incipient state of development, there is a visible and cloudy emanation which forms ten times the bulk of the earth’s surface itself, and presents an atmosphere many hundreds of miles from the earth of a cloudy or smoky appearance, arising from and caused by the outward condition of the earth.

Corresponding to these is the pervading spiritual atmosphere caused by the spirits that inhabit your earth and the spirits that inhabit the immediate spheres surrounding it, and if we tell you that this sphere is also cloudy, you will not wonder when you consider the average state of the human mind, and the average condition of the human spirit upon earth. The only redeeming feature is that at intervals there is born upon earth a guiding light which represents the prophecy of a race and the hope of humanity. But that you may not be without hope, and that there may be something to look forward to even in the history of the earth, we will state that those spirits that arrive at the degree of angelic states wherein they do not anymore especially belong to earth, but occupy an intermediate interstellar sphere, have been at liberty, and are at liberty, to visit other worlds. You will understand that in the cosmic theory of science avowed by such minds as Humboldt and Strauss, it is the belief that the entire stellar system was once a mass of vapour, that this gradually became cool, and that atoms formed themselves into centres of which the present worlds in the solar and stellar systems are the result. Whether or not this be true, we shall not here discuss, but it is a fact that the spiritual firmament, after the same manner with the material firmament, presents a successive line, a graduated scale of developed and undeveloped planets, and that if you go to the outermost world in the solar system you will find the highest degree of spiritual advancement, and if you go to the innermost world in the solar system, you will find the lowest degree of spiritual advancement.

We learn by this that the outermost planet must be the oldest and the innermost must be the newest world in the solar system. Hence that the state of Mercury spiritually, is infinitely lower than that of the earth (which may be some consolation), that the state of Venus is approximately lower, in some directions only of intellect being higher, as the earth has been at a previous epoch higher in some directions than it now is, but these fluctuations after a time yield the fruition of an even or an average scale of spiritual advancement, and upon the planet Mercury there are no human beings at present able to abide, because the planet is not as yet perfected to the degree of maintaining human life, and that it corresponds in its present condition to the geological epoch of the earth in its carboniferous period. The planet Venus possesses human inhabitants, but these are in their outermost or sensuous periods of existence, and correspond to the earth under the dominion perhaps, of the first Angel or Dispensation that came to earth. (Osiris) The earth itself is third in rank, and occupies that position between the material or external life of intellectualism which is the prevailing atmosphere of the earth today, the religious atmosphere being very inconsiderable. Although the earth has been visited with prophets, seers, saviours, these prophesies and those visions and that Saviour have not yet left their prevailing atmosphere upon the earth, nor even upon any appreciable portion of human beings.

It will be interesting for future generations to see if astronauts eventually obtain confirmation of the life this spirit says exists upon Venus. Current exploration of Venus consists of probes examining the outer atmosphere. They have discovered that Venus is far more earth-like than was at first believed but the high level of volcanic activity believed to exist on the surface, convinces scientists that human life is currently impossible. One day we shall see!!

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Cora Tappan’s Address – Part 3

The true and entire basis of life is that which, predicating its existence upon the infinite, moves from the infinite outward, and disentangles the sophisms and webs of metaphysical life. Under this direct line of thought we arrive at the innermost, we find the cause. We are not ashamed to confess that the Godhead is revealed to every living spirit that seeks that Godhead within. We are not ashamed to confess that the divinity is revealed to every human soul from within and not from without, and that the only office of the external province of reason, or of science, or of human knowledge, is an elaboration of that intuition of which man is the epitome. Therefore, when we state that the spiritual is governed by as unalterable laws as the material, you will understand that we refer not only to those laws that are discovered by man, but to those that are yet undiscovered, since every age proves to the human mind that his supposed scientific truths are only approximate truths; and since, in every epoch, man must unlearn what he has learned in the previous epoch. As the ancients placed their earth upon the back of a tortoise, and the tortoise upon a serpent, and had stars revolving in crystal grooves, so science has its tortoise and its serpent, which it is bound to unlearn with the next cycle of scientific development.

You do not forget that the Copernican system of astronomy is of recent growth, and that all the revelations of geology and chemistry overthrow the learning of the ancient alchemists and the scientific savans of past ages. You do not forget also, that today you are obliged to discard some of the theories of the first portion of this century, and that scientific truth is so far in its infancy, that save mathematics alone, there is no scientific finality in the world today. The science of mathematics was just as perfect 2000 or 6000 years ago as it is today in the principles of it. You must not forget therefore, that when we refer to natural laws, we mean natural laws, not man’s comprehension of them. You must not forget that we mean all those underlying principles of which the present discoveries in human science are but the results and not the causes, those fundamental bases of the vis animus of life which constitutes all there is of being. Therefore we say the spiritual firmament is governed also by laws, and that from God to man, manifest in the human form, is a direct succession of spiritual causes and results as absolute and potent and undeviating in their course as the development of the flower from the germ which is planted in the soil; and that this spiritual scale is as perfect as the highest conceptions of harmonics or the loftiest blending of hue and colour in the undivided ray of white light, and that these are as capable of being revealed, understood, known, demonstrated, and by man and to man as any process of outward science or any formula of technical learning.

For the first or outermost state in that revelation is man’s visible, palpable contact with matter; the innermost revelation is man’s idea of divinity. Between these two lie all the intermediate stages of spiritual life, spheres and circles of being as palpable in their nature and as perfect in their own sway as any spheres of external life can possibly be. Therefore, when we state that around every planet and between all worlds there is no space unfilled, and no portion of the universe unoccupied, it is not even in contradiction to science; but if it were so, it would nevertheless be equally true. As science abhors a vacuum, so the spirit abhors space, and there is no space. That which you move in and call the outer air is known to contain the most subtle and vitalising properties of existence more necessary to being than rock and tree and plant and soil. The atmosphere is vital; within the atmosphere, as within the stone and tree, is another vitality, an innermost essence, without which there can be no outer, as there could be no flower without the germ, no fruit without the seed. This atmosphere, which you think immeasurable void, is therefore peopled with vitality; and that space, which is only space to your outward sense, and because of the grosser substances of the physical body, is filled with infinitesimal refining substances. These substances constitute all there is of what is known as the interstellar spaces.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Cora Tappan’s Address part 2

Galileo dreamed of the wonderful thought of the earth’s motion, but dared not prove it and could not. Herschel knew what planet lay beyond the range of the vision of any instrument yet made by man; his mind’s eye had traversed thereby the sure pathway of mathematical intuition, and when his instrument was perfected, lo, the orb was there. Did he create the planet by creating the telescope with which it was viewed? Are any of the worlds made because men have discovered them? Is any type of existence just formed because science, for the first time, recognises that type? And are all the truths in science and in the vocabulary of its interpretation new truths because first discovered? Worlds come and go, planets have their birth and decadence, rise and fall, unmindful of human discoveries.

The spiritual firmament is alike governed by laws that may or may not be known to the outward understanding of man, but fulfil forever their infinite purpose, and through cycle upon cycle of infinite systems perform the functions intended by the Infinite. Those fortunate souls that on the verge of time clasp hands with matter, and see God glimmering through the atoms, may somewhat know of the Infinite purpose; but he who would know aright must turn aside from the usual pathways of what is called outward or scientific investigation, and revert to that which we announce, and which ever must be the only incontrovertible principle in nature, the intuition of mind itself. It is said that the spiritual science of today is based upon reason; it is not, it is based upon intuition. Reason is its handmaiden; knowledge outwardly is its means of diffusion; but if based upon reason it must falter and fail, where reason falters and fails, which is the limit of matter and of the material senses. Base any philosophy upon an outward predicate, and with the outward predicate it vanishes; base it upon that which is more eternal, and though time and outward things may change, it never vanishes. The spiritual manifestations of today are an appeal to man’s reason through the senses, but the spiritual philosophy is a revelation from the innermost soul of man through the avenues of inspiration, intuition, thought and all that pertains to the highest qualities of man’s nature.

It has ever been the theory with the divinest minds of the earth that the spiritual, like the material, firmament is governed by these fixed and undeviating laws; and it has ever been a correct estimate with the highest inspired minds of all ages that these spiritual laws bear distinct and special relationship to every individual soul in existence, and to every particle of intelligence animating the entire system of worlds. The cosmos of Plato was none other than this, and, through his intuition, imperfectly stated to the outward understanding, is a revelation of the divine import of whatever comes to the human spirit when disenthralled from merely technical fetters, either of a scientific or theological nature. The truth is, that underlying all foundations of outward life is a spiritual basis; that the superstructure of worlds and of outward systems of existence has no form save from within; and that, wherever there is an indication of law or intelligence, there is a conscious source of law and intelligence. Human beings worship at the shrine of this intelligence, forgetting that they place themselves above that which they worship if they deny a consciousness animating the nature which they are bound to obey. Human beings, in seeking to espouse reason, divorce themselves from the Infinte soul that they may clandestinely worship themselves instead of the Deity whom they deny. Human beings resolve themselves externally into demigods, setting up in the halls of human science a false image of the outward man saying, “Behold, this alone deserves homage,” forgetting that they deny to themselves any attributes for worship or any cause of admiration by denying any spiritual source of existence.

As you read these wise, illuminating and articulate words, just ponder for a moment on those who over the years, have claimed that nothing of importance ever came from the mouths of the spirit people, only trivialities!

Monday, 26 October 2009

Cora Tappen’s Address in London 13/6/1875 (Given through her by several guides)

“The world of spirit, as the world of matter, is governed by law. That law is as fixed and undeviating in its course as the law which regulates any system of material power. Whatsoever science has discovered or learned is no encroachment upon, nor does it satisfy, whatever spirit may learn. The laws that govern the material universe have not been created by science, only discovered. Science changes her opinion with each new or added discovery; therefore the laws of science are not permanent, but changing; the laws that govern spirit have not been discovered by science. These laws are unchanging, and for every ultimate spiritual truth which the world has ever known, there has never been the slightest deviation or change.

Upon this basis and founding solely the argument of the spirit upon all that which lies beyond the grasp of science, and beyond the claim of scientific scrutiny or investigation, we make our broad propositions, that the spiritual kingdom is all that kingdom that permeates matter, governs it by laws either discovered or undiscovered by man, and that whether there be a human mind to comprehend, or a human formula to state, the laws that govern the spiritual and the material universe alike move on forever in their harmonious courses. The mind therefore, which governs, regulates, directs controls and has caused every arrangement of the material universe, alike governs, regulates, directs, controls and has caused the arrangement of the spiritual universe.

The centre of material systems, the centre of the solar system, the centre of the earth, implies a spiritual centre – the centre of souls, the centre of spiritual spheres of life, the centre of the great cosmic whole of spiritual existences; and this centre may be clearly known and defined without knowing the circumference. We may arrive at the exact elements of the spirit and of the God-head, without ever knowing the magnitude or infinitude of the extent of their power. Therefore, to claim a central spirit for the individual soul, to claim a central source for each individual class of souls and to claim an Infinite centre, whose Infinite circumference is beyond the grasp of the finite mind, yet equally possible, is the proposition of the spiritual cosmos. That this spiritual light and centre does not require to be demonstrated by matter, does not require to be proven by any propositions of material science, is not mindful and does not in any way regard the changeful forms of human thought, is evidenced by all that is known in the world of spirit or mind as connected with man. The minutest insect that spends its life in the sunshine, basking there for its brief period of existence, fluttering perhaps for even a moment, is as typical of the divine consciousness and power as the loftiest sun or world may be. This insect, undiscovered by man and unknown in his science, moves on to its appointed task and purpose, fills its little moment of life and passes away, though no body of scientific men ever dreamed of its existence. The mind of man sees beyond science, and whatever science has established on earth the spirit of man knew it before, and science is the tardy messenger that spreads it abroad over the whole world.”

I feel the whole of this address will need careful examination, so propose to publish it in short instalments to aid the absorption of its in some ways challenging ideas. This then is the first instalment. Lionel

Sunday, 25 October 2009

The Heavenly Marriage and Home of Ouina (One of Cora Tappen’s Guides)

I was sent on the earth as a seer, a prophetess, guide to my people:
They cast me away with scorn, and slew me with flames and with arrows.
I was sent to the world of ‘souls’ while the little leaves all wept so,
And the flowers bowed down their sweet heads because I was murdered.
But I left there a word of my promise that sometimes the blest angels
Would weave o’er the world their bright message with blissful evangels
And clothe all cruel hearts in love’s sweetest garments
And make all their arrows keen, wreathed with bright roses.

I flew from the earth like a flame when it bursts from the smoke that’s beneath it;
I fled like a bird when it cleaves for the first time the outer dominions;
I rose like the incense of flowers that leap upward to greet the glad morning,
Or like the sweet song of the swan that she sings in her dying.
I flew past the spheres that were dark; I was fearful to enter their portals,
For I saw there were shadows and shapes even like those of mortals;
And I saw there were envy and hatred and all low things that I liked not;
So I passed them and sped with sweet thought through the uttermost spaces.

I passed by the Hunting-Grounds of the souls of my sires and my people,
For they had arms and weapons, and on earth I never liked bloodshed;
I passed by the earth and its shadow; I rose even unto the heavens!
And the stars I knew, and could name them as sisters and brothers;
They nodded and beckoned to me as I flew with the swiftest pinion,
And seemingly clapped all their hands in great joy at my coming.

And I, with my swiftest thought – I fled, I knew not whither,
But someone upbore me and said, “Come hither Oiuna, come hither!”
And then there came to me, far out of a distant planet,
Twelve spirits arrayed in white, with stars on their foreheads;
Maidens of light, with garments to clothe me and drape me with whiteness,
And I said, “Why come you to me, for on earth I was slain there?”

But I saw they had tears in their eyes, and their thoughts were so lovely;
And the garment they brought me was light; they said it was woven of my thought.
They bade me wear it, and they said my soul had a world of its making
Made of all the thoughts when I saved the poor bird from the huntsman;
Made of all the spirits of the flowers I could pluck not from their low places;
Made of all the deer that came close to my wigwam;
Made of all the thoughts of the souls I had sheltered somehow from sorrow.

And they said this world was all mine, and peopled by beautiful children
That had risen from earth ere their lives were completed,
But were growing like sweet flowers to a better region transplanted;
That, if I would, I should have charge of them, and teach them all gentlest teachings,
Such as love and kindness and mercy and all things that humans here teach not.
And so, with my white array, I sped fast and evermore faster,
The twelve angel-forms gathering near and around me such silver stars glistened!
And the air grew like snowflakes or frost-arrows in winter;
And I knew it was white and pure like the thought of the souls that are made glad.

Then we came near, and there seemed a sound like silver bells ringing,
White flowers dropped down from the heavens; all were seemingly at prayer.
And I entered a portal whose gleaming was white, like the snows of the winter,
And carved with all beautiful shapes; with lily-bells drooping and waxen;
With images of pure thought, and virgins all saying “Ave Maria!”
And I knew that this portal was heaven, and that I was becoming an angel.

And then they arrayed me again in a garment all fashioned of moonbeams,
As white and as silvery pure as the thought which you have in your childhood;
And they told me the bridegroom was coming, the soul of my own soul
And I said, “Who is the bridegroom? I knew none on earth who was human;
For all seemed so cruel and cold, and I was a child – not a woman.”
But they said, “When a soul is complete, ‘tis neither, in heaven, man nor woman,
But only an angel made perfect, only a spirit most human,
That having great powers and great love may reveal to earth all its knowledge.”

And then there dawned on my mind such wonderful truth and such past love,
Of all that the world has e’re known, and all that history tells us,
And all that the great hearts of men have striven to know in their anguish,
But know not because they look not within, but without for their knowledge.
Then I seemed enfolded in the presence of a soul most tender;
A light that was like the sun flamed around me with radiant splendour;
And I knew that the love of heaven, with manifold power and compassion,
Had blended a thought with my own of perfection and holy, sweet patience.

Therefore the anthems chimed out from the star-bells that, twelve in number,
Seemed all around and above me to echo the thought in their gladness;
And the sweet children came with white flowers, all strewing my pathway,
And called me their spiritual mother, and said I must love them,
Because on the earth, they said, they had known no love and no mother.
And I wondered if many worlds had many such orphan children,
And if all spaces were filled with the pitiful sights and with sorrow;
And the answering spirit said, “Oh no! On the blessed tomorrow
You will wake to a world that is full of only joy and gladness,
Where never a thought of pain, of woe, of sorrow, or sadness
Has ever or can ever come: And this is your spirit home.”

And in the constellation that you call Andromeda
Is a beautiful star that you may know by the name of Maonah;
This silver star is the place where the twelve angels bore me from earth-life;
And this is where I now dwell freed from all strife and all sorrow;
And I only know that the soul which is my soul is wedded unto me,
As art is wedded to nature, or God is wedded to all souls;
If before I had no knowledge, now I have all because of that union;
And that whatever thoughts I possess find sweet and perfect responses;
And that nought has “Ouina” alone, but, as a soul completed and perfect,
We stand here before God’s white throne, unashamed, unafraid and made holy,
Because of the pure in heart that shall see God and know Him forever.

And so with my message I bring you the life that is made of completeness;
For white souls alone are complete, not the shadows and darkness of earth-life,
And the children that are given unto me are those that are sent from your shadows,
To be made white and pure and free in my kingdom away from earth’s darkness.
So I weave me a mystic spell of moon beams and pure thoughts around you,
And whenever I come to earth I bear you but one sweetest message,
That there is a time when each soul shall be free from all sadness and sorrows,
When in a planet like mine, the beautiful silver Maonah,
You also may dwell; if you pray and look upward to God, the Great Spirit,
To make you all pure in heart, that world and that love you’ll inherit.

Saturday, 24 October 2009

The Invocation of Dr. Hitchman

Here is the wonderful prayer I referred to yesterday:

Omnipotent Spirit! You divine and perfect soul! Who from eternity and to eternity are the same now and forever! Whose abiding light, like an infinite and central sun, pervades the universe! Whose soul, with surpassing power and grandest thought, rules the atom and the sun – man and the archangel! You that with divine and perfect accord move upon the universe and worlds respond, move upon the human soul and thought springs into being and the flame of inspiration undying! O God we praise You! Within the hallowed temple raised by Your hand, before the shrine and altar of an eternity of hopes and prophesies, within the innermost recesses of the lowly and contrite spirit, where the only flame is love, and the undying offerings are of truth, we praise You! Wheresoever the stars keep time to the beating of Your heart, and souls abide which cleave space with hallowed wings of thought and prayer; wheresoever a lowly spirit bends in sorrow, striving to pierce the outer darkness with one ray of hope, You, O God, are there! We, within the shrine made sacred by all human hopes and aspirations and offerings from out the altar of our devotions, to the end that human life may become uplifted and exalted, that human hopes may become disenthralled from sadness and fear and terror, that death may be destroyed utterly and all fears which it brings cast into oblivion, that nothing may abide save love and mercy and truth and justice for evermore, and that all the nations of men, and all the spirits of all the nations of men, and all the spirits of all nations, and the souls of spirits from all worlds risen and disenthralled from time and sense, may abide in Your kingdom of loveliness for evermore, praising You unceasingly! AMEN

Friday, 23 October 2009

Spiritual Cosmology

Here is an extract from an introduction to an Oration by Mrs Cora Tappan the great American 19th century medium in London’s Cavendish Rooms. It was given by a Doctor Hitchman and appeared in the Spiritualist newspaper Medium & Daybreak on June 18th 1875.
“The Spiritual Cosmos is to be unfolded to you by the whole band of twelve guides, now controlling this worthy and excellent, and most distinguished medium, for the diffusion of that knowledge of time and eternity which cannot but tend to make even the robber himself generous, the drunkard sober, the miser just, the cruel man conscientious, the rake honourable, the fop, if foolish, yet manly or more brave, from generation to generation. Macbeth shall still become more kind and gentle, the bloody Richard less brutal, Shylock increasingly affectionate and good-natured, Claudius the better for his remorse, Angelo publicly upright, though privately tempted to do evil. Blemishes have we all, and the merits of the “coming man” shall redeem them in the science and practice of Spiritualism – a ray of that diviner light which shall purify each vision of mortality, and enable the Othello of all nations shortly to look down upon the feet of Iago, and rest assured that it is a fable, false as hell, which attributes a cloven hoof to the devil himself for ever and ever.

Through the circles high and holy,
Of an everlasting change,
Now more swiftly, now more slowly,
Form must pass and function range.
Nothing in the world can perish,
Death is life and life is death;
All we love and all we cherish
Die to breathe a nobler breath.

Lay that truth in lavender of the sweetest, in the choicest portion of your soul’s paradise, since I doubt not, it is revered as one of highest and most majestic amongst the immortal guides of this cosmopolitan medium, our gifted sister; and I pray that the peace of God may dwell with all Spiritualists richly, in thought, word and deed, as our angel-guides make the desert of materialism to blossom and flourish like a rose.”

If we had such articulate promoters of Spiritualism today, the world might be a better and safer place for us all and Spiritualism the stronger. Tomorrow I shall continue with the prayer this speaker gave before handing the platform over to Mrs Tappan and her guides and the next day will give you a beautiful poem from one of the guides explaining what happened to her after she passed to spirit.

Thursday, 22 October 2009


When the clouds roll in, the wind begins to howl and huge rain drops start to fall what do we do? If we have no reason for being out of doors then we close our doors firmly, bolt all the windows and sit snugly in our homes until the storm passes. We feel blessed not to be out there facing the worst the storm has to offer. Even if the electricity fails because of the intensity of the storm, we still feel protected, warm and comfortable in our own familiar surroundings, especially when we think of the poor souls having to face the elements. What if we have to go out to fulfil some urgent errand or attend an important meeting? Because the wind is so strong our umbrella is useless so we wrap our coat more tightly around us, if we are wearing a hat, we clamp it tighter onto our head and face down we walk through the storm. We feel the rain soaking through our clothes, no matter how tightly we have wrapped them around us. At this point a grim determination takes hold and we make up our minds that there is no way the storm is going to beat us. We are going to our meeting whatever and even if we are soaked to the skin we are going to get there. If we are lucky a taxi or a bus may come along and we obtain shelter from the storm that way.

When we arrive at our destination, bedraggled and wet through, what then? With luck there will be a place where we can dry our face and hands and comb our hair, even if we have to sit through the meeting in wet clothes. We notice some people did not arrive because of the storm. That is when we begin to feel good. We made the effort; it was and is uncomfortable but we refused to allow the vagaries of the weather to upset our plans. As a result we can play an active part in the meeting and maybe reach agreement that would not have been possible had the absent members been there! Despite the discomfort of our wet clothes an inner glow resulting from a challenge faced an overcome, suffuses us. We feel stronger, knowing that the human spirit can overcome all manner of things with determination.

This is a hypothetical situation but in all manner of different ways, our lives throw up challenges unexpectedly and we have to decide whether to face and overcome them or wait until the sun comes out again. The problem is that sometimes if we choose to wait for the sun’s re-appearance, we find an opportunity has disappeared. Perhaps facing and overcoming the unexpected challenge is in some deep way, part of the purpose behind whatever it is we have struggled through the storm to reach. Life goes along smoothly and seemingly without any serious problems, maybe for years and then suddenly everything changes. Where there was peace, tranquillity and sunny days, there is now conflict, turmoil and stormy weather. We may curse our luck and say, “Why does this have to happen just now?” We may look with envy upon those whose life still seems to be serene and ask, “Why me?”

The fact is, we all have to face physical, emotional, mental and spiritual challenges throughout our lives. When we have periods of tranquillity we are blessed but I believe we should not necessarily regard those as the norm. We have chosen to put on a physical body in order to subject our real, spirit selves, to the challenge of living in what is to us, an alien earthly environment. To make such a significant choice whilst in the haven of our true spiritual home, the reasons must have been compelling. Therefore, when life throws us lemons, “make lemonade” as they say, don’t bemoan the fact that we can’t make wine. We are all nervous or even fearful about facing some of the challenges life creates for us but in the end, if we face them, all we are likely to suffer is wet clothes! Refuse to face them and we will find other, perhaps more difficult challenges will come our way. Always remember you chose you life, for better or for worse and facing and overcoming its difficulties will bring that warm inner glow that easily offsets the temporary discomfort of wet clothes.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009


Decide to be at peace today and to make peace with those with whom you may have had differences of opinion. Today is, after all, the only day over which we have any control. Yesterday is gone and although its events coloured today, we can no more recall yesterday into being than we can Canute-like reverse the incoming tide. Tomorrow is in the womb of futurity and will be at least partly determined by what we do today.

We should therefore always pay great heed to today and try, as far as we can, not to leave hostages to fortune tomorrow by uncaring actions or thoughts. Because we can never be sure what tomorrow may bring, even if we will still be living in our earthly body, we should follow that sage advice and “live today as though it is our last day upon the earth.” Such a perspective would change many of our actions and thoughts. It would give us strangely enough, a new sense of freedom, releasing us from the stresses and cares that so often accompany our fears about tomorrow. We can focus instead on trying to leave behind in the minds and hearts of others memories of caring, love, happiness and joie de vivre. For ourselves it would give us the chance to try to see the best in people and ensure we capture as much as we can of the beauty of the world around us.

Have a wonderful day, full of love and beauty.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Mediumship: The Importance of Reverence

I notice this morning that a new book has been published about the Physical Mediumship and Healing of the Welsh medium Alec Harris. It is based upon his wife Louie’s book, “They Walked Among Us” but includes additional material about Alec’s Healing work and his physical mediumship in South Africa, where he emigrated. It is available on I believe.

It is fascinating for me because the best materialisation mediumship I ever saw was at an Alec Harris séance in Cardiff, South Wales. I describe the incident when my grandmother materialised at the séance in my book “Please God Why?” and it is an incident that made such a deep impression upon me that I have never forgotten it, nor ever will. As important to me as the appearance of my grandmother as solid flesh and blood, was the feeling of absolute reverence that I experienced throughout the séance. It is a feeling I have only rarely experienced in a church, where in fact one would expect to experience it regularly. The exceptions have been mainly during Healing Services at International Spiritualist Federation meetings, although I recall one Easter service at an Anglican Cathedral in Yorkshire did approach the same level of reverence. It is difficult to recall a normal Spiritualist church service where I felt it. I guess this says a great deal about the effect upon the atmosphere of so many minds reaching out praying to receive “a message.”

Perhaps this indicates the need for a rethink in the way we approach attendance at church services. Evidence of survival is understandably, an important part of a Spiritualist service for it is the basis of all that we believe and accept as our philosophy. However, has it become too important? Maybe the shortage of really inspired speakers in most Spiritualist churches has led to a lowering of our standards. A service in our churches should be uplifting on all counts. The music, prayers and hymns should raise our hearts and souls above the mundane, as should the address or sermon which should always focus in an interesting and inspiring way, upon the modern meaning of our philosophy of life. The same should also be true of the demonstration of mediumship. The medium should be so closely attuned to the spiritual world that its atmosphere pervades the church. When that occurs, the links with loved ones in spirit will be particularly special and will often have a philosophical impact upon members of the congregation, even those not receiving a link. In my opinion each service should aim to be a perfect blend of our world with the greater world of spirit and to achieve this, all aspects of the service need to be in harmony with one another. Were this to happen more frequently, I believe far more people would be attracted to Spiritualist churches or centres. What’s more they would keep returning for more of the same because they would be learning how to make sense of earthly life, which for most is a very confusing affair.

Saturday, 17 October 2009

In the Open Air

I am away in a small country town called Bom Jesus in the State of Espirito Santo in Brasil. It is party time here and the streets are filled with stalls and amusement arcades and everyone seems to be having a high old time. Bom Jesus is chiefly and agricultural area and I visited a small farm yesterday.

Farming is similar the world over I find but because of the low rainfall here at certain times of the year and the heat - it regularly rises to 40 degrees C or more, the cattle tend to be Brama cattle that originated in the Indian sub-continent and are therefore able to live with the heat and dryness. The earth is very red hereabouts and because there is a lot of clay it is not suitable for growing crops, only for raising animals, mostly cattle. It is hilly and to climb to the top of a small hill and view the undulating countryside all around was a wonderful experience for me.

The birds are looking so colourful just now because here it is spring and I saw several hawks, woodpeckers and of course the ubiquitous vultures which are everywhere in Brasil. Because it is warm, although the countryside is not disimilar to England, it feels very different. Nevertheless it is still liberating to the spirit to be on a hill with the wind blowing through your hair and watching cows grazing contentedly. Even the grass is unusually green here at the moment because they have had a lot of rain and that reminds me a lot of England too. As I gazed across the countryside I realised that it matters not where you are, if you surrender yourself to your surroundings, you will feel uplifted and so I was.

It is always a joy to be in the country and I relished this opportunity and was able to feel the closeness of the earth to the spiritual world and to marvel at how everything is arranged so perfectly if only we will take the time to stop, look and listen. (As the signs at railway crossings urge!) I hope I have been able to communicate to you just a little of what I felt and tempt you to search in the countryside around you for the link between earth and heaven.

Have a wonderful day.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Knowledge Conquers Fear

I explained in yesterday’s blog that fear is usually far worse in anticipation than it turns out to be if we have the courage to face it. Our imagination can be a positive or a negative force and the choice is entirely our own. Imagination works in a negative way when we lack detailed information. Develop the habit of positive thinking, recognise that change is a constant factor in our lives and we will find that far from working in a negative way, our imagination will show us how best to deal with the new situation. If we allow fear to paralyse us, either physically, mentally or both, this will act as a block upon the imagination, as well as on our ability to think logically. It means we just cannot seem to think at all and often we then give up and bemoan our lot. It need not be like this but the time to change our mental approach to life and its challenges is now, not when fear takes hold. We need knowledge in order to re-focus our mental approach. Where do we obtain this knowledge? First we look back on our lives to date and see how change has been a constant factor. I believe we will discover that where we have accepted the change and not tried to resist it, it has worked out for the better.

The basic knowledge we need is to accept we are eternal spiritual beings who just happen to inhabit a physical body and live in a physical world for a short period of time. This means that our natural environment is the Spiritual World, not this one and we are designed to move back there effortlessly when our time arrives. Once that is accepted as a basic tenet of our belief system, then the rest becomes straight-forward. Let us examine some basic fears in the light of this knowledge. Many of us have feelings of inadequacy, not always but from time to time. This leads to many fears involving our interaction with other people. Accept we are eternal spirits and we will come to realise that that spirit is extremely capable and powerful if we learn how to use it. To learn that we need to spend time getting to know our inner self and that we do by learning to be still. In the stillness the capabilities of our spirit will be gradually revealed and the temptation to over-emphasise the importance of physical events will be greatly reduced.

Once we realise this, we will understand that everything which happens to us and every person we meet occurs by design and not by chance. With that realisation we are in a frame of mind to work out why a particular thing is happening to us. Inevitably we will find that those things causing us the greatest anxiety or the greatest fear, will if faced and reasoned through, teach us the greatest lessons in our eternal search for spiritual self-improvement. Within each one of us is the earnest desire to move from darkness towards light and from ignorance towards knowledge. The fact this is an eternal process does not diminish either its importance or the deep sense of satisfaction each small step in those directions bring us.

Before ending, I want to address the greatest fear of all for most people. The fear of death is not in my opinion a natural one. It has been implanted in us by generations of misinformation about the true nature of human life. Such is often spread in an attempt to gain power and undue influence over others. The truth is that not only does the spirit live on after this life comes to an end but it is possible for those who have already moved back to the spiritual world to communicate with us that remain here. These communications convince us of the truth of eternal life by the detailed evidence given. There can be no doubt in the hands of a good medium, that the person the medium claims to be in contact with is in fact that person. This brings immense comfort as we realise the loved one we thought lost forever, is still living and can and does come close to us.

In addition, those who have journeyed ahead of us can and do explain what life is like in the spiritual realms. They explain that it is very similar to earthly life except for some important differences. There, we no longer need to feed, clothe or house a physical body, so that part of earthly life which is sometimes drudgery is removed. Also our spiritual bodies are not affected by the ageing process, so once we pass all the aches and pains to which the flesh is heir, disappear. There is absolutely no need to fear death, which leaves us only with fear of the actual process of dying. None of us welcomes pain and so often we see dying friends and relatives suffering great pain and naturally we want to avoid that if we can. I believe some of that pain at least, is the result of the very fear of death referred to. By fighting too strongly against the change when our time has come we set up a painful physical reaction. As to the pains of illnesses, I explained yesterday many of these are induced in my view by fear. Maybe if we can conquer fear in the way I suggest, such illnesses will become a thing of the past?

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

FEAR (Again!)

Fear is probably the most common human ailment. Even illnesses that are diagnosed as something more specific often have their roots deep in fear. It is very much, to use an old fashioned word, a contagion. Fear causes chemical reactions within the human body that can cause all manner of sicknesses from indigestion to cancer. It also makes us bad-tempered and irritable.

Our bodies are a wonderful but complex arrangement of organs, nerves, cells, neurons, etc., etc. Individually or collectively, these are a constantly active laboratory that can manufacture the most intricate variety of chemicals to combat actual or perceived threats to the physical body. Presiding over all this is the mind, conscious and sub-conscious. The sub-conscious mind acts like an automaton and we are normally unaware of its activities and I believe it forms the major part of the total mind. The conscious mind is the part over which we exert conscious control and this control can be expanded I believe but unfortunately, the sub-conscious frequently takes over from the conscious without us being aware of it.

This is exactly what happens when we are filled with fear. The most obvious example of this is when the fear is so imminent and life-threatening that we lose control of the action of our bowels. This can be observed in animals as well as human beings. More subtle than that is the insidious effect of fear where the threat is not so immediate. It eats away in our minds and causes the body to produce chemicals that when there is a physical threat are not a problem because the chemicals are dispersed and cease to be produced once the threat has passed. In these circumstances, they have no obvious target and build up in the body and cause the illnesses mentioned earlier.

An important factor about fear is that it usually results from misunderstanding or over-reaction. Our imagination, which is such a valuable part of our humanity, when allowed to move in negative channels can amplify the most innocent circumstances and lend them frightening proportions. Like all imagined threats and even an actual threat can be imagined to be far worse than it is, they do not long withstand the scrutiny of detailed examination. Fear grows only when we refuse to face it because we imagine it to be insurmountable. This is why Franklyn D. Roosevelt said, “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.” Once we face our fears they are soon reduced to their actual size and before long we work out a way to overcome them.

Fear comes in many guises: Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of ridicule, fear of loss, fear of facing others, fear of speaking in public and the greatest of them all, fear of death. Another way of expressing what I said in the previous paragraph is to say, knowledge conquers fear and I will discuss that in more detail tomorrow. In the meantime, try not to worry, which is an important aspect of fear, and know you are a very special person and nothing will happen to you if you are fully determined it should not. Go with God.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Use Colour in Your Life

At last I have a little space in which to write another blog. I have been busy trying to catch up with the many jobs waiting for me on my return from the USA.

I was up in the Mountains at the weekend and as spring advances so the colour all around gets brighter and more varied. The birds are looking startlingly bright in their courting colours as they flit from branch to branch and tree to tree. The butterflies are there too, as big and as beautiful as ever and the flowers … Well they are so bright and in such profusion, it is as though nature has decided it is high time for it to “go over the top”! I know the fall colours in North America are gorgeous just now but here in Brasil we have a colour show all our own.

It reminds me of the vital importance of colour in our lives, whether it is the colour provide by our surroundings, natural, created by ourselves or the colour provided psychologically by the varied things we do in our every day life. It is impossible to exaggerate the importance of colour, both for our health and, to use an old fashioned word, for our temper. Colourful personalities attract and inspire us all whereas the people we refer to as being “grey” have the reverse effect on all who come into contact with them. There is no reason for any of us to be “grey.”

No matter how difficult our day may be: No matter how many ‘problems’ face us, we should always try to make the time to create colour in our lives. Look around you, see the colour everywhere and make a conscious effort to draw it into your soul. Each morning when you arise, try standing by the open window, if it isn’t too cold, and breathe in each of the colours of the rainbow in turn. Imagine them flowing throughout your body, touching each part of you in turn. It need not take long and I promise you will feel invigorated and ready to face anything the day has to offer. After regularly performing this exercise for a while, other people will begin to point out the changes in you. The colours you have been breathing in will be reflected in the colour of your personality.

May you enjoy a special day today, full of colour and variety. May the challenges you face bring you strength as you surmount them and wisdom as you learn their lesson.

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Suddenly It’s Spring!

I am back home again and loving it. It has rained most of the time so far but that’s what happens in primavera (spring) in Brasil. The gardens look a picture with orchids, bougainvillea, irises and many other beautiful flowers competing to see which can look the brightest and prettiest. I love this time of the year, wherever I am in the world for it is when everything in nature comes back to life, reminding us that resurrection comes close behind death.

There is an energy and vitality in the air that is contagious. It is a time of the year when we get the urge to create, as though trying to match nature in her extravagant resurgence. There are more smiles around, even during the rain and everyone seems to be walking with greater purpose in their stride. Oh what a wonderful season. It is small wonder that Robert Browning’s thoughts turned to home because it was spring:

Home Thoughts from Abroad

OH, to be in England now that April ’s there
And whoever wakes in England sees, some morning, unaware,
That the lowest boughs and the brushwood sheaf
Round the elm-tree bole are in tiny leaf,
While the chaffinch sings on the orchard bough
In England—now!

And after April, when Mary follows
And the white-throat builds, and all the swallows!
Hark, where my blossom’d pear-tree in the hedge
Leans to the field and scatters on the clover
Blossoms and dewdrops—at the bent spray’s edge—
That ’s the wise thrush: he sings each song twice over

Lest you should think he never could re-capture
The first fine careless rapture!
And, though the fields look rough with hoary dew,
All will be gay when noontide wakes anew
The buttercups, the little children’s dower,
Far brighter than this gaudy melon-flower!

Robert Browning

I cannot follow such eloquence, so will content myself with wishing you all a wonder-filled day!

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Farewell USA

My apologies to you all that my blogs have been few and far between recently. From next week I hope to resume daily contributions.

Today I leave the USA after two and a bit wonderful months working with my spirit friends, making new friends here and re-cementing old friendships. It has really been a fantastic experience for me. People have been so kind, I have been privileged to see some really beautiful parts of this marvelous country and the willingness and enthusiasm of students everywhere has been most rewarding for me.

My spirit friends have been so close and it is as though on each step of the journey my links with them grew stronger. I was often astonished with the information I was given to pass on to people from their loved ones in spirit and I truly believe that between us we were able to bring much comfort and upliftment to many individuals. I thank the Great Spirit for keeping me well and strong and for bringing me so many unexpected joys.

It will be good to return home to my family, even though I have enjoyed my trip so much. They have been very patient, understanding and supportive and without that I could not have done as much as I did. As I contemplate home from a hot and sunny Florida, the words of that old poem "Home" return to me:

"Home's not merely four square walls,
Though with pictures hung and gilded,
Home is where affection calls,
Filled with treasures the heart has builded."

I am so looking forward to experiencing those treasures once more and to continuing work on my writing. I have a journal to produce for The International Spiritualist Federation and I am half way through editing my latest book "The Keepsake." However the memories of my trip and the friendships I have made and strengthened here, will continue to bring a warm glow making my life in Rio even more enjoyable.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Try This

As I sit here looking out on a gloriously sunny Florida morning I am filled with wonder and gratitude. Wonder at the beauty that is all around me - the pinks, reds and whites of the roses, the bright red and purple of the bougainvillea, the orange of the French marigolds and the green of the lawn. Gratitude that I am privileged to be where I am at the time I am and that my eyes and ears, indeed all my senses, are keen enough to make me aware of this beautiful world of which I am a part.

I read a sign on the publicity board of a church as I drove past it earlier, it said "HAVING JOY IS BETTER THAN HAVING FUN!". As I gaze out on this lovely scene I know exactly what the writer of that sentiment means. Having fun is all about outward things, being entertained, using various aids to assist us and by and large it is ephemeral. Having joy is an inner experience. It is the reaction of our inner, higher selves to beauty in whatever form we experience it. It uplifts the spirit and its effects are usually much longer lasting than merely 'having fun'.

Our spirit is the essential us and it is the one part of us we all neglect far too frequently. We fail to recognise that it requires our attention every bit as much as our physical body or our mind. Its demands for attention are much more subtle than the other two however and consequently are much more easily overlooked. The consequence of regularly overlooking the needs of our spirit can be very serious. I believe for instance, that much illness and stress we experience is linked to the lack of balance induced by focusing just on two of the three aspects of our being.

How then should we set about exercising our spiritual nature? We should begin by 'going within' regularly, we should learn simple meditation techniques that will relax us and free our spirit and our imagination. If we do this we will find ourselves becoming much more aware of everything that is going on around us, not just the physical and obvious. We can then spend short periods of time contemplating the world around us. As one poet described it, "Go mark the matchless working of the power, that shuts within the seed the future flower." As we contemplate the world around us, even for short periods, forgetting about our everyday cares and concerns, a deep joy will gradually seize hold of us and our spirits will soar. We will feel uplifted and come to realise just what it means to be an eternal, spiritual being, which is what each one of us is. We will also find we are able to focus much more clearly on our everyday lives and things that formerly caused us great stress and worry, no longer have the power to do so. We will be able to "tell the wheat from the chaff"!

Give it a try. Turn away from the purely physical/mental focus of your life and expand it by including your spirit in your daily exercise. It does not mean you will become "spiritual" or other worldly or people will consider you weird. You will be taking a vital step towards obtaining true control over your life and your being. May God go with you in your efforts.