Thursday, 30 April 2009

Silver Birch and Nature

The great teacher from the world of spirit, Silver Birch, who spoke thorough the trance mediumship of Maurice Barbanel, had some wonderful words to say about the Natural World.

“Take advantage of the summer, when tree and flower, mountain and sea, bird and beast, field and river and stream reveal themselves in all their beauty. Praise the Great Spirit, who has brought you such an infinite variety of His artistry as displayed in nature’s handiwork. Seek communion with those forces; strive to find the Great Spirit as He is expressed in the silence of the forest, in the lulling of the wind, in the trilling of the bird, in the nodding pine, in the ebb and flow of the ocean, in the perfume and scent of the flower, in the drone of the insect.

The pageant of nature is duplicated in every human soul. First there is the spring, with the awakening consciousness; the summer, when man’s powers rise to their highest; autumn, when life begins to wane; and winter, when sleep comes to the weary, tired soul. But even after the winter of the physical life, spring comes to the spirit as it awakens in another world to continue the cycle. Take from nature this message, and be assured that the laws which never failed will continue to operate in your case and in the case of every human life.”

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