Thursday, 9 April 2009


Soon after the Spring Equinox when, in the northern hemisphere, new life springs up everywhere after the cold, dark days of winter, the Christian church celebrates Easter. It should be the most important event in their calendar because it symbolises the one event in Christianity that did more than any other to prove the immortality of human beings – ALL human beings, not just Jesus of Nazareth. Nevertheless it seems to me the purely physical events of Christmas and Good Friday are celebrated with greater fervour.

There is little historical proof that the crucifixion and resurrection occurred at the start of spring but the pagan celebration of the Spring Equinox was hijacked by Christianity in the same way as Yule was hijacked as Christmas. The symbolism of Spring and resurrection is inescapable. The cynicism of the early church in adapting existing pagan festivals to their own calendar is in keeping of course with their swing away from being a very spiritual organisation while their founder lived and for many years afterwards, to the established church of Rome under Constantine, with its almost exclusive focus on temporal power. Indeed for centuries afterwards the Christian church became the most powerful and feared organisation in the world.

To return to Easter: I have no doubt that Jesus, being probably the most gifted medium to have lived on earth, did “rise again from the dead,” as the New Testament puts it. What does that mean in reality, especially to those with experience of mediumship and materialisation in particular? It certainly does not mean that his physical body was resurrected, despite the story of the empty sepulchre. It means that because of the highly developed spirit Jesus is and the high quality of mediumship possessed by his disciples, he was able to materialise for lengthy periods and very soon after his passing. This is unlike the experience I and others have had with materialisation mediums in the twentieth century. Because only one physical medium was present at the séances we attended and those materialising were in no way as advanced spiritually as the Nazarene, our materialised forms could only maintain physical appearance for short periods of time.

Nevertheless, the scientific, I prefer to say ‘natural law,’ principles applied were identical. The Christian church sings “hallelujah’s” and talks of the resurrection of Jesus proving he was the only son of God and that only through believing this can the rest of us ensure eternal life. What a travesty of the truth this is and how Jesus must tremble with indignation at such twisting of his purpose.

Easter should be the greatest celebration on earth for it demonstrated that the human spirit is unharmed by physical death and simply moves on to another of those ‘many mansions.’ Furthermore it also demonstrated that “communication between departed human spirits and mortals” is as natural as breathing. It showed that departed spirits can temporarily don physical form again in order to prove their continued existence. What greater news can there possibly be for humanity? Spiritualists and those who have investigated psychic phenomena without preconceived prejudices, know that what happened on the first Easter has been happening ever since and it should be trumpeted loudly instead of being ridiculed and spoken of as “the work of the devil” by priests and journalists.

All over the world humanity is beset by fear of death and losing their loved ones; many appear to have lost all sense of reality so that they seek refuge in the false saviour of drugs and alcohol; psychological and physical illness seems to be increasing at an alarming rate and yet science, which seems powerless to prevent or cure their advance, is held in greater esteem than ever before. What an indictment of human perversity this is! Throughout human history seers, poets and mediums have shown the way. They have done more for the sanity of humanity than all the religions and why? Because human beings have paid insufficient attention either to the power of the human ego and its attachment to all things physical, or the corrupting influence of power. Every religion has shown that the possession of spirituality is in inverse proportion to the accumulation of temporal power. However this power has been most adept at ‘brainwashing’ multitudes into believing its twisted logic.

This is the time when those of us who KNOW that all life is spirit, that earth life is but a pale shadow of life in the spiritual worlds and that the individual personality is indestructible, should celebrate that knowledge openly and lovingly. We should stand up for what we know to be the truth and refuse to be cowed into silence by those whose only desire is to control the minds of other people.

The present economic crisis is bringing enormous change in its wake and it will, I believe, present unique opportunities to advance the spiritual understanding of all. It is a time for opening our souls to inspiration from on high and our hearts to our fellow men and women. May the true spirit of Easter restore your soul and give you the strength and determination to continue the fight to shine the bright light of spirit in our darkened world.


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