Friday, 3 April 2009

Ghost or Spirit?

I am sure my granddaughter will ask me how she will know if the appearance is a ghost (earthbound) or a spirit that has made their transition thru the light and is maybe a guide? Would a guide appear suddenly like that to her? Might the ‘ghost’ my granddaughter saw and frightened her so much at College, be her Spirit Guide?

No Guide would appear in a way that would frighten your granddaughter and the apparition she saw at college is probably someone with connections to the building in some way. One must be careful using the term 'earth bound' for its use tends to make one think such spirits are in some way bad or mischievous. This is not the case. Many people who have no knowledge of an after life and particularly if they pass suddenly, become confused and cannot understand what has happened to them. All they need often is for a physical person to explain simply to them where they are and why physical people don't acknowledge their presence. That is usually enough to persuade them to accept the situation and once that happens they are free to move on to the astral world - the place we all go initially when we die. From there we move to the sphere in spirit to which the light we give off equips us.

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