Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Please God Why?

Here is some advice on dealing with spirit and the information we receive from them. It appears in my book which can be obtained by visiting www.spiritteach.net

In my experience, obtaining evidence of survival, like many of life’s experiences, is a very personal matter. Vicarious evidence is never as convincing or as satisfying as that received in person. Many books have been written on this subject and for readers wishing to discover just how wide-ranging and incontrovertible is the evidence, I would recommend three books in particular:

The University of Spiritualism, by Harry Boddington, published by Psychic Press Ltd. ISBN 0 85384 061 X

The Imprisoned Splendour, by Raynor C. Johnson, published by Pelegrin Trust ISBN 0 946259 30 5

The Archives of the Mind, by Prof. Archie E. Roy, published by SNU Publications ISBN 0 902036 13 0

Despite my reservations about the limited value of vicarious experience, I want to relate the evidence my family and I have received over the years*. I hope it will encourage you to seek for yourself, ever remembering the biblical caution to, “Test the spirit.” Be objective, do not judge on the basis of hearsay and never be afraid to oppose conventional wisdom when the evidence convinces you, you should. Never accept anything at face value but once you are satisfied there is no other reasonable explanation than communication from the world of spirit, accept it and treasure it.

...Had I not always been convinced that life in every form is spirit and therefore eternal, the foregoing experiences and many others, would have done so. However, evidence of survival does not just bring comfort and support. It changes our perspective; gives us a new understanding of the reason for human existence and helps us appreciate the responsibility we have towards those with whom we share this beautiful planet. Understood properly, it raises our eyes above the mundane to the glory and majesty which is our true inheritance. That is, once we have earned it through our struggles to overcome the distorting impact of our physical senses. We all pray or beg to be spared the painful experiences life holds for us. In reality these should be welcomed, for it is through learning to cope with pain and loss that we grow in spiritual strength and understanding. It is thus our characters, all we have to take with us when we leave this world, are built and enhanced.

* This evidence is not shown in this extract but does appear in the book.

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