Monday, 20 April 2009

The Big Yellow House

The following is an extract from a book I am currently writing. Part of the story is set in Santa Barbara, California and near that city is a house, now a restaurant, known as The Big Yellow House that at one time was the centre of a Spiritualist community where remarkable physical mediumship took place every day. Leo is the narrator of the story:

"Five years ago we lost our only son David in a road accident. We were both devastated and for weeks couldn’t concentrate on what had been our normal life. I didn’t go to work and both of us became reclusive, didn’t we love?”

Charlotte, unable to speak, nodded her head in agreement.

“One day, we drove past the Big Yellow House and, just as you did, Charlotte felt an urge to go inside. We ordered coffee, read the history of the house and found it interesting but quite unbelievable. Charlotte visited the women’s room and didn’t return to our table for ages. Indeed, I was becoming worried about her when she appeared. She seemed even paler than usual but her eyes were shining and she seemed breathless.”

“Jim, Jim, he was there, I wasn’t dreaming, he was there.”

“I’m sure you weren’t dreaming honey but who was where?”

“David: Our little David, he came to see me in the washroom.”

“But that’s impossible Charlotte. Are you sure you feel OK?”

“I’m fine Jim. In fact I feel great and I can move on now. You see, David is not dead after all. Oh, his physical body is but when I was washing my hands he appeared before me as solid as you are. I couldn’t believe it until he said,
“Yes Mom, it really is me. I’ve been so worried about you and Dad though and they ‘persuaded’ you to come to this place where the special energy allows you to see me and know I’m not dead after all.”

“Jim, it was so obviously David I didn’t doubt what he said and you know how I had this sudden urge to come here.” He went on to explain;

“After the accident I sort of fell asleep and when I woke up Grammy and Pop’s were there. They told me I’d had an accident and was now with them in my new home. They would take me to see you and Dad, Grammy said but you wouldn’t know I was there because I no longer had my physical body. That had been buried in the cemetery. I said, you mean I’m dead Grammy? Yes dear, she said, but none of us ever dies, we just move into another part of God’s wonderful world. But Grammy I said, it doesn’t make sense. I want to see Mum and Dad to make sure you’re right.”

“Jim, he said he’s been to see us at home several times but got so frustrated because we didn’t acknowledge his presence. He created such a ruckus, it seems the powers that be in his new world arranged for him to appear to me. Isn’t it wonderful, our little David hasn’t gone from us forever after all? I’m at peace now Jim and can resume my old life. I know I shall be able to feel when David visits us at home and one day we’ll all be together again.”

“Leo, I took a while to be convinced but Charlotte made such a rapid recovery from her former depression, I was forced to acknowledge something remarkable must have happened. I’ve never seen David but in some way he communicates with Charlotte and once or twice she told me I was going lose some item at my office and not be able to find it for several days. She claimed David was going to remove it and then bring it back later. Sure enough, that’s what happened!”

Charlotte had recovered herself by now and said,

“Leo dear, I know this must all sound like a fairy tale to you but I swear as a friend it is true. Everything Jim told you happened. I no longer have any fear of dying and am able to accept that David was taken from us because it was his time to return ‘home’. I still miss him of course and wish he could have stayed but I know we’ll be together again when my turn comes to go home.”

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