Thursday, 2 April 2009

Helping a young person who sees spirit unexpectedly

How and why is it a person might be contacted by spirit and may be able to see or hear spirit and how can it affect their lives? If we have a young relative that is able to see and hear spirit and is scared and confused by this, what should we tell them? How should they handle this - can they tell the spirit not to appear to them because it is scaring them and will spirit obey their wishes? How should we explain the "GIFT" to be able to receive the higher vibrations from the spirit guide or loved one?

The case of your granddaughter is interesting. She is clearly a strong natural medium and she needs to learn how to control the gift. I fully understand why she would consider it a curse but I feel we each have to accept the gifts that God has given us, the fact that people generally do not understand or accept mediumship notwithstanding.

It is a natural gift and one that properly used, can bring joy and hope to people, including the medium herself. I have no doubt you are correct about the origins of the gift being her grandparents for mediumship is an inherited gift as a rule. I am also fairly certain the experiment with the Ouija did open her to spirit influence before she was ready or in a position to properly handle it. However, the gift of mediumship can and should be controlled by the medium and not by spirit. You did quite right in advising her to tell the spirit who appeared suddenly before her, not to do so again because it frightened her. I am assuming however that when she saw the person who drove off the cliff, it didn’t frighten her and neither did her experience at the church. She is therefore already aware of the beneficial side of the gift

I believe as well as protecting herself by the use of white light, she needs to learn to talk in her mind to her guide and explain to him how difficult she is finding it to handle her mediumship. She should ask him please to help her withdraw from the use of the gift until she is older when she might want to find someone to help her develop and control it further. To approach her Guide she will need to prepare herself by filling her mind with love and good thoughts then begin to meditate on those thoughts. At the start of the meditation she should use the breathing exercise I recommend in Appendix 1 of “Please God Why?” and then meditate on the love etc. Once she feels relaxed and full of love she should mentally ask for her Guide to draw close. It matters not that she doesn’t know his name, that’s not important. She should feel a kindly presence and will find she can talk in her mind to him about her difficulties, asking his help to ensure she is in total control of her mediumship and spirit people will only draw close to her when she requests it. She should explain that at present she wants to avoid spirit contact entirely. He will help I know.

Because she is obviously very sensitive, there may still be circumstances, similar to those of the friend who drove over the cliff, where the spirit person concerned will make his or her presence known to your granddaughter. However it will be in a loving, caring manner, not scary at all. After all, in such circumstances, it is natural for her, as a friend, to be saddened by the passing and to think about the person and wonder how she is. That opens up her mediumship and in doing so I believe it brings much needed help and understanding to the deceased person. They will know your granddaughter has seen them and come to understand thereby that they still live on without their physical body. This is the part of the gift which is the blessing, in my view.

In time your granddaughter may learn to lose her fear of the sudden appearance of spirit people and begin to understand there is always a reason for such appearances. She will learn to talk to them in her mind, asking them to explain who they are and why they are where she is seeing them. Often such people have had sudden or tragic passings and have been unable to come to terms with what has happened. They are confused because the physical people they see around them almost never react to their presence. People like Jade can help such spirits by explaining gently what happens upon the death of the physical body and persuade them to look around them for a bright light and move into it. The episode of the pilot I describe in “The Gift” was a case in point.

Finally, because it is a strong gift and it has been given to her for a purpose, I feel that in time she must develop it further and use it. I don't mean she should do this in order to be a professional medium or even to work from a Spiritualist church platform. For the future it will be important for her to learn that being a medium (not professionally) or believing in spirit does not automatically mean one is weird. There are many perfectly sane and sensible, down-to-earth folks who accept life after death and communication between the two worlds. Of course, whether or not she chooses in future to acknowledge her gift and use it for whatever purpose will be entirely up to her. Many people have refused to accept being used for spirit communication. All I am saying is, if she doesn't even acknowledge it and learn more about it in future (not to use it to earn money) she could set up conflicts within her psyche that may lead to illness.

Once she is finished with college, I think she will find it will be easier to cope with her gift. There are more people than one thinks who are sympathetic and understanding towards such things and her Guardian will draw her into association with such people.

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