Wednesday, 22 April 2009

My Paradise

(Some lines penned on the day our
mountain house in Rocio was sold).

Rocio* descends and mountain crest
With cloudy wig is dimly dressed.
The towering tree tops disappear,
But still there’s peace and quiet here.

Peace that lifts your heart and soul,
Helping you reach any goal.
Peace that calms the tortured breast
And at days end; untroubled rest.

Beautiful butterfies, glowing bright,
Dance with joy that brings delight.
A humming bird with pinions whirring,
Kisses a flower - My spirit’s stirring.

Far above, the raptors hover,
Caressing the air as with a lover.
A nearby stream gurgles and bubbles.
Tranquil sound to soothe my troubles.

The sun is shining bright and clear,
Fluffy clouds o’er hills career.
Harmony fills my wondering eyes,
As I sit amazed, in paradise.

*Rocio means low cloud in Portuguese

© Lionel Owen 2009

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