Monday, 6 April 2009

Should strong natural mediums use their Mediumship?

I return to your granddaughter in order to answer this question. The reason I feel so strongly she should do something about it later in her life is because clearly the gift is natural and strong AND SHE IS A MEDIUM NOT JUST A PSYCHIC.

She has that gift for a reason and part of her purpose in coming to earth almost certainly was to use that gift in some way to help her-self and others. There are many ways to use such a gift in private - it is not necessary to draw attention to oneself. However, I think it is likely that spirit people will from time to time make themselves visible and audible to her and this being so, it is wise to find out how it works and how to control and use it for what she sees as good, rather than just to be used for the convenience of any passing spirit. I agree with you that forcing people to work as mediums, even occasionally from a platform is undesirable. However, sometimes a medium can see a person has a mediumistic gift but they need to be pushed a little to get the confidence to take it further. However, undue pressure is to be derided.

I do feel natural mediums should use their mediumship because the world is so full of worry, anxiety and fear, the greatest of which is the fear of death. Good mediums can transform these feelings by the evidence for the continuity of life that they can bring forward. In this way people who have these terrible afflictions will come to realise that we are all eternal, spiritual beings who, if we live our earthly lives in this knowledge, will lose all our fears, worry and anxiety. There are too few good mediums in existence and the need for them far outweighs their availability. Usually, when the gift shows itself spontaneously, the mediumship that can be developed is of a high class and this is why I believe they should choose to use their gift.

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