Tuesday, 5 May 2009


This poem was written by a friend of mine in England. I hope you enjoy it.


Have you ever sat upon a hill
And looked up at the clouds?
Have you ever looked out from a window
Upon the milling crowds?
Have ever looked up at the birds
Circling in the sky?
Or seen the rainbow after rain?
Have you ever wondered why?

Have you ever watched a blackbird
In the building of its nest
And thought about the instinct
With which all birds are blessed?
Have you ever seen in springtime
The buds upon the trees?
So many different kinds of buds,
So many different trees.

Have you ever walked in a garden
In the evening air
And caught the scent of flowers
And seen the colour everywhere?
Have you thought about the seasons
That give us all our pleasures?
This is nature at her best,
When showing off her treasures.

Have you ever thought about yourself,
Or do you ever care
To think about this wondrous world
And all the things to share?
The beauty of the landscape,
Nature's work of art,
An all-pervading energy
Of which we are a part.

Have you looked up at the moon
Upon a winter's night
And seen the stars a-twinkling
With universal might?
Like a sequined canopy
Across a darkened sky
Without ending or beginning.
Have you ever wondered why?

It's time you stopped your wondering
And came to a conclusion,
These things are not derived
From chaos or confusion.
The sky is of an Order
Of lands as yet untrod,
Brought together in unison
By the mastery of God.

Edwin H. Whatmore

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