Friday, 22 May 2009

Compos Mentis

Where would we be if we always
Thought, instead of drifting along
Taking the line of least resistance?
Hoping others would show persistence,
Instead of us.

Of all the gifts which God has given,
The mind should surely be most prized,
And yet it is least understood,
Most ignored for doing good
I wonder why?

The mind is so misunderstood, we
Foolishly believe it’s physical,
If only we could forget cant,
And even more defensive rant,
We’d understand.

We would learn the mind forms part,
Of man’s eternal spirit and
Because of this it has the power,
To create worlds, or hide a flower
Within a seed.

All physical things, both great and small,
Were but a thought inside a mind,
Until, like some mental magic wand
It moulded all at its command,
Creating form.

The power of concentrated thought,
When trained with love to focus,
Can build a world or just a house,
The human race, perhaps a mouse,
Or kangaroo.

The idea’s absurd so science says,
That mind and brain are independent.
Thus every study of the mind,
Looks at the brain but doesn’t find,
An explanation.

Such biased search is doomed to failure,
No swimming fish is found in air,
Nor flies under water any bird,
Mind in brain - just as absurd,
Look elsewhere.

If half the programmes science uses
Researching physics, space or medicine,
Were re-invented, redesigned,
To discover insubstantial mind,

We’d probably find in such research,
Answers earlier sought elsewhere,
Many ills would disappear and feeling grand,
We’d begin to understand,
Who we are.

© Lionel Owen 2009

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