Monday, 25 May 2009


Red Cloud was the Native American who spoke so beautifully through the British medium Estelle Roberts when she was in Trance. Here are some of his words on the subject of inspiration.

Sometimes as you gaze upon a little sickly child you yearn over it saying, “Oh Father, if only I had the power to help that small child I would give my all.” In such moments you touch inspiration. There are moments when, in listening perhaps to the song of a nightingale, as its notes peal forth, they awaken an answering chord in your memory. That memory is your real self; the note which is touched lies in your greater self which is always inspiring you.

Inspiration, to my understanding, means tuning in to the law of God, the sweet caress of heaven’s awakening within the breast. Inspiration is the food of the gods. By silent concentration you can fan the flame of inspiration within your own mental understanding. Then the food of the gods is yours, and in that gentle awakening you can understand the fuller realisation which no man can take from you. Whether your lot lies in misery, or even in purgatory, you can still fan that gentle flame which is in your mind.

Gaze upon the face of a flower and note its beauty. Inhale the perfume which rises gently to your nostrils. In that moment of silent admiration you reach God’s garden and your spiritual home. For home with God can only be in beauty, whatever way you seek it. Perhaps you will find it on a summer’s evening as you gaze across the sky, the sun setting in its beauteous colourings and the gentle moon rising. Your heart and soul with wonderment are filled with the beauty of God’s kingdom and its blessing. Thus you find inspiration, for you are awakening and sensing God.

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