Monday, 4 May 2009

The Philosophy of an Elizabethan Communicator

Patience Worth, a spirit who claimed she was from the sixteenth century, communicated using automatic writing, through the mediumship of Mrs Pearl Curran, dictated several full length novels that were best sellers at the time. Here is a short piece in which Patience explains her beliefs:

There is a God.

He is our Father, and His other name is Love.

He knows his children, their feelings, their weaknesses, their errors – and He understands.

He sympathises with their pain and sorrow, and He whispers consolation if they would but hear.

He would tell them the trials of life are the building of the soul; that earth is but a starting place for eternity and its troubles and its difficulties are essential to the soul’s foundation.

He would tell them that the building may not be finished here but goes on and on, until it is fully complete, and always His love streams o’er it.

He would tell them that He condemns not, but ever seeks to lift. He may grieve at their transgressions and anger at their perversity, but it is the grief and anger of love.

He would tell them that He destroys not His children, but preserves them for an immortality which must be won, but which all can win and shall win.
He would tell them that He is ever with them, that He never forsakes and never will forsake them, in this world or the next.

He would tell them that He would not be feared, but loved; for in the exercise of love – love for Him, love for His own, His children, is the soul built to its fullness.

He would tell them: Wait! Be patient! It shall be.

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