Thursday, 21 May 2009

Man May Thwart

Here are the words of Silver Birch in reply to the question, “How do you see a new world being born?”. We can all take encouragement from his inspiring words.

“I see a plan, a divine plan. I see that the power of the spirit is the greatest power in the universe. Man may thwart and delay, man may impede and stay but man cannot forever prevent the power of the spirit being made to manifest. When you have the knowledge of spiritual truth, you have the key which unlocks all the doors of mankind’s problems. I am not being unkind to all the sincere reformers who, moved by anger, by righteous wrath, or by an overwhelming sympathy for the downtrodden and the weak, seek to repress wrong, to fight injustices, to enable all the bounties of the Great Spirit to be fairly distributed. They see only one part of a problem. They see physical needs that must be satisfied – perhaps they see mental needs that must be satisfied too – but pre-eminently man is a spirit, part of the Great Spirit, part of the power which fashioned all life. Man is not so infinitesimal that he is forgotten amidst the vast spaces of the universe. He is always part of the Great Spirit, contributing to the spiritual nature of Infinity.

You cannot stifle the power of the spirit; it must emerge. It will triumph over cruelty and hatred; it will triumph over bludgeons, concentration camps, dictators, because the spirit of man must be as free as the air which he breathes. That is his natural, divine, spiritual heritage. All those who have seen the vision splendid, and have beheld the new world that is to be, know that it must be, because it is part of that same purpose which breathed into man and raised him from animal to human – and will raise him again from human to divine. Your task is always to hand on the torch, rekindle its flame, so that the generation which comes after you will have a greater light to illuminate its pathway. The foundations have been laid. They were laid many years ago in our world. And gradually, painfully, laboriously, men and women of all denominations, and of none, were raised up to be witnesses to the eternal spirit, to labour for the quickening of the divine plan. The new world must come.”

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