Friday, 10 July 2009

Fearing God

God is love and through that love has fashioned all things. A glance at Wednesday’s blog will show you how to discover the truth of this. One of the most disgraceful religious demands I know of is the injunction to “Fear God.” That any religion can build a following based upon such a misrepresentation of the facts, demonstrates how intellectually lazy many people have become. People who are willing to accept a vengeful, partial God clearly have lost the ability to think for themselves and have handed their mind over to the priests who purvey this travesty. Anyone with a truly open mind can see that the only ones to benefit from such a demand are the priests and the so called religion they represent. It is a transparent attempt to manipulate and control individuals using the threat of God’s vengeance. Such organisations are firmly based in the world of matter and despite calling upon the Almighty fervently, are only interested in power in this world and care nothing for the world of the Spirit. Indeed they are amongst the first to mindlessly condemn those who provide evidence in support of that world.

The power which such organisations and their bigoted preachers have is totally dependent upon their followers not being willing to think for themselves. Why is it that in matters of the spirit in particular, so many of us are willing to surrender our thought processes to others? If only we understood how this complicates our journey as spirit beings in a physical body, we would be more cautious. I am convinced each one of us chose to be born into physical life because we saw a spiritual benefit in having to contend with being incarcerated in a body of matter and therefore would face a great challenge in expressing ourselves as spirit beings. From the rarefied heights of the spiritual world, we saw opportunities to be of service and opportunities to strengthen our soul by living in a world of conflict and playing our part in resolving such conflict.

Upon arrival on Earth, our perspective is dramatically altered. From the spiritual world we were unable to fully comprehend the enormous impact upon our souls of the five physical senses. Once here, those senses progressively supersede our spiritual awareness, unless we make an enormous effort to stop them. Here lies the root of our intellectual laziness where spiritual matters are concerned. For many, the effort to fight the huge impact of the senses is just too much and they prefer to allow others to do their spiritual thinking for them. There may appear to be relief in passing this heavy responsibility to others but the price at which it is bought is very high.

The root cause of much of the violence, unrest, physical and mental illness that is so clearly present and appears to be growing in our world, is the refusal by many, I would even say most, people to acknowledge the existence of their spiritual self. They are ignorant of the fact that we should live in this world in the sure knowledge of the world which is to come. This sets up growing internal conflict between their true self, the spirit and their material or temporary self, the ego. Because the spirit is frustrated in its attempts to make us aware of its presence, our development as complete, rounded human beings is hindered. The frustration of the spirit is reflected in physical and mental illness because a vital element in our makeup is being systematically ignored.

Most people are inherently kind and even though they may not understand the nature of their spiritual inheritance, their kindness is spiritual and gives an outlet for the spirit’s frustration. The problem comes for those individuals, whose numbers seem to be growing, who are so convinced of materialism that every effort of theirs is centred on self and self-gratification. There is little or no thought or respect for others, except for immediate family sometimes and also for those in positions of temporal power over them. That is when the inner conflict is maximised. Such people are only too willing to let others do their spiritual thinking for them and to use such ‘religions’ as a social base through which to further their self interest.

To be fair to those espousing fear of God, I think they originally saw fear as a means to frighten people into becoming more spiritually aware. They are unable to see that two negatives do not produce a positive. By playing on the fears of people completely grounded in the world of the senses, they hope to convince them to change their ways. What happens however is because such people only see with the eyes of the senses, as they grow older they wonder if there may not be some truth in the ‘wrath of God.’ Just in case there is, they try to ‘buy’ a place in heaven by giving large sums of money to the church. This has the effect of making the church leaders more materialistically inclined and so they are being suborned by their own philosophy. There seems little recognition that what is important is not what you believe but the way you live. Giving all the money in the world to the church will not alter one jot the natural law of ‘compensation and retribution,’ which is in some ways the spiritual equivalent of Newton’s Third Law of Motion in physics.
“For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

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  1. Re: "Fearing God".
    Oh Thank You! I have been waiting a lifetime to; reaffirm, KNOW others acknowledge belief in same. It seems to me an oxymoron, ("Fear of God").
    I absolutely resonant with the above sentence that reads: "If only we understood how this complicates our journey as spirit beings in a physical body, we would be more cautious."

    In Gratitude & Friendship,
    ~ Deborah.