Monday, 20 July 2009

Be at Peace

Try to be still for a while today. Make a pact with yourself that for 15 minutes or so you are not going to allow anything or anyone to disturb you. Turn off the phones, sit somewhere in the house where you know you won’t be interrupted and prepare to enjoy the peace which is at the heart of you.

Prepare to link with that pure light that is at the heart of every individual, the light that surely is the ‘light of the world,’ if only we did not hide it so effectively. At your centre, you are pure spirit, pure light and the imperfections you have convinced yourself you have are God’s way of teaching us to make our light even brighter. We all have outer imperfections and when we deal with and overcome them we become spiritually stronger. Just as we need physical exercise to develop strong muscles and a healthy body, so we need spiritual exercise to develop stronger spiritual muscles and a healthy spiritual body. Stronger spiritual muscles are reflected in the light we project from our inner core and it grows brighter the more we fight to overcome our imperfections by helping others in whatever way our gifts allow us to.

By linking regularly with that inner light, you become more aware of your total being – mind, body and spirit. The peace that comes when you are truly still enables the light to manifest itself to you and also provides you with added spiritual strength. It seems anomalous I know but it is true nonetheless. Stillness creates great inner strength. It also helps to reinforce your physical organs and enables you to cope with stress. If you are particularly stressed in your job or your relationship, by regularly seeking inner stillness you will find the stress affects you less and less. After all, what is stress but a tightening of the nerves because there appears to be no time to sort out problems; stillness helps you find all the time in the world. You will also find other people begin to notice a change in you. The stillness you seek regularly is reflected in an aura of great peace around you and people sense it. They want to share it and so they seek out your company more than previously. Their inner light is responding to the peace it senses emanating from you. That is why they want to spend more time with you.

There are many good reasons therefore why we should seek to be still on a regular basis. In this modern world there is so much noise and hassle which in themselves create stress without many being aware of its cause. If you want to be healthier, to discover more about you as a holistic being, be able to cope with stress more easily and to help others do the same, then be still. Move out of the cacophony of modern life for just a few minutes and you will never regret it.

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