Sunday, 19 July 2009


Are there such things as angels? What are they? What about ‘fallen angels’? Do we all have guardian angels? Will an angel really help me if I’m in trouble? Do they really have wings?

Yes, angels are real, they do exist and we should each be grateful that it is so. Were it not for their devotion to humanity, our world would be in an even worse state than it is, for they use their brilliant light to offset the power of darkness. Darkness brought about through humanity’s ignorance of the truth about life. Because so many over the centuries have allowed their egos to dominate their lives and determine their actions, things of the earth have assumed an importance out of all proportion to what their role should be in the eternal life of the spirit. Angels have dedicated themselves to saving us from ourselves.

Unlike our loved ones in spirit, who wish to help individuals in their family, angels are spirits devoted to helping mankind in general. Of course in helping mankind, it is inevitable that they help individuals too, for what is humanity but the sum total of individuals. Angels sacrifice a great deal in order to carry out their chosen service to us. They are highly evolved spirit beings who have attained great advancement in the spiritual world. Their bodies vibrate at a frequency way in excess of our own and the light they emit would blind us were we able to gaze upon it as it really is. The light they bring with them to earth has been modified so as not to harm us. In coming to help us, they willingly give up the delightful surroundings of their homes in spirit and subject themselves to the gross, cloying atmosphere of this physical planet. In order to draw close to us they must slow down the vibration of their bodies to match that of the earth, as well modify their light and this is a painful experience for them. This is a measure of their devotion.

Fallen angels are a figment of the overactive imaginations of medieval religious zealots and the term is, I believe, an insult to those dear blessed ones who so selflessly offer to help us extricate ourselves from the mess we have created on this beautiful planet of ours. If one is kind to those who invented the term, it is their way of pointing out that throughout God’s kingdom, for every positive power there is also a negative one. It is their description of the powers of darkness. Viewed from that angle, it is a warning to us that spiritual darkness is a fact of which we should be fully aware. The saving grace is that when light is focussed on darkness of any description, it just dissolves and this is exactly what angels have devoted themselves to achieving.

Do I have a guardian angel? You, as we all do, have a guardian; someone devoted to serving and protecting you who has been with you since before you were born. In their devotion and commitment to service, they are very similar to angels but theirs is a role involving a single human being. I do not believe they therefore place themselves in the same category as angels. It was your guardian with whom you discussed your reason and purpose in coming to earth and they try, throughout our earthly lives, to prompt us to fulfil those. It is your guardian who will help you review your life on earth when you have returned once more to the spirit world. They are very important people to us and they love us with a devotion beyond our imagining. Theirs truly is unconditional love.

Will an angel help us if we are in trouble? It depends upon the trouble. Our loved ones in spirit and our guardian will be the first to bring help when we are in trouble and they can help us a great deal if only we will listen to their counsel with our inner ears. Occasionally, it seems that we become mired in an ever deepening morass of trouble. We appear to be surrounded with darkness, into which it seems no light can penetrate. We feel utterly deserted and at our wits end. When we are truly desperate in this way and in our desperation look outwards, forgetting self just for a little while, when we cry out in our pain and anguish that is when angels come to help. They will never stand by and let us fall deeper into the quagmire and their light and power is much stronger than that of our loved ones or our guardian. When it seems we have been deserted by everyone and everything and have nowhere to turn; that is when angels come to our aid as individuals. They truly are messengers of God, carrying out His loving wishes.

Do they have wings? I don’t believe so. For those who have been privileged to gaze upon them, their light is so bright, even in its modified state, that no clear outline of their shape is discernable. They clearly can move effortlessly from place to place without walking or any of the normal human ways of moving. These I believe, are what has led people to presume angels have wings. In spirit each of us can move from place to place merely by an act of will, for it is a world of the mind, a world of thought. We just think about a certain place and, hey presto, there we are! It is small wonder therefore that this ability has been assumed by ignorant humanity to require wings.

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  1. Lionel, I so enjoyed this ANGELS post. I find it interesting --I have been "wondering" about the "fallen angel" lately. You have shined a light on that for me and, I am certain; others. I am grateful for your daily posts. God bless you! ~ Deborah.