Saturday, 6 June 2009

More from "Please God Why?"

We have examined the claims of materialism, the discoveries of science and the way in which these have persuaded so many people that life, wonderful though its mechanisms are, is no more than a biological accident that occurred in the primeval mud and developed through the process of Natural Selection to the state it is today. Its only purpose has been to reproduce and adapt to environmental change in order to ensure the survival of the species.

There is an alternative view. The view that not only does life have purpose and design but it is eternal and spiritual: All matter being shaped and held in its form by the power of spirit and its agent, mind.

We have already discussed the sensitivity of certain human beings to non physical energies and emanations. We saw how dowsers used their special sensitivity and how, very likely, shaman used theirs to discover healing herbs and plants. The range of such gifts is much wider than this. Psychic researchers have and still do investigate the gifts of mediums, which are many and varied and will be discussed in detail in a later chapter. Seers have been able to apparently foretell future events in great detail and have also been able to describe, in equal detail, events happening many miles from where they are. This is distinct from Distant Viewing, mentioned earlier.

Poets and some other writers too, appear able to attune themselves to the vibrations emanating from a higher world than ours and Mystics, by following rigorous programmes of spiritual discipline, have transcendental experiences of incredible beauty. Sometimes, ordinary people experience these too, quite by chance and usually only once. However they all say, without exception, that such experiences changed their lives forever. They never lost the certainty that all forms of life are inter-connected and shine with a radiance imperceptible to us under normal circumstances.

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