Wednesday, 3 June 2009


Here are some words that came to me as I pondered the total lack these days of respect for life and the rights of others to choose their own pathway in this world.

Many reasons in this dark age,
Are given for taking life,
Seems to me standing helpless by,
We’ve created mostly strife.

We’ve turned our backs, from what I see,
On tolerance and love.
Consumed by power and money, now
Many exclude the Power Above.

They think that Man can change the rules,
Can decide who lives and dies.
To gain more wealth and influence,
They ignore their victim’s cries.

They choose to close their eyes and ears
Like all tyrants, hard and cold,
To the wails of victims’ families,
Whilst they pursue their gold

Man is they say, the highest form
Of life upon our Earth.
But such egotism running wild,
Mocks claims to higher birth.

It makes one feel Man’s destiny,
Is short and self-destructive,
Where this will lead if still pursued,
Is ominously instructive.

The Natural Law cannot be changed,
Or circumnavigated.
If we carry on attacking love,
All lives are dislocated.

Darkness will reign o’er all the earth,
Then for those who are the cause,
Their after-life will bring much pain,
No escape; such are the Laws

Pain and darkness will deeper be,
For those who persuade others,
Paradise or Heaven awaits those, who
For the cause, kill their brothers

We cannot mock that Creative Power,
By trying to pretend,
We can escape the consequence,
For death is final; it’s the end.

Death is the beginning friends, of
Life in a world of mind,
Where light that pours out from our souls,
Finds us high or low there.

Soul light is determined by,
Thoughts and actions here,
Our acts not our beliefs ensure
How bright it does appear.

All this can be so different,
If only we will learn,
We cannot live by taking all,
Giving nothing in return.

Within us all, both good and bad,
That light divine is lit,
It can transform our world at once,
If we will nurture it.

Once learn to use that perfect light,
And refuse to entertain
Dark thoughts or negative reaction;
Your life is not in vain

For darkness cannot long resist,
The brilliance of the light,
It dissolves dark all away.
The Law it is and right.

One shaft of love-directed light,
Can disperse hate and fear,
And in its place put hope and joy,
Where angels can appear.

So if the forces dark and drear,
Attack your spiritual lines,
Go within to that bright place,
Where light eternal shines.

Call upon the help of those, who
Have passed the second birth,
Together then, their light and yours,
Hurls darkness from the Earth.

Turn to love and through its power,
We can overcome all terror,
And don’t despair, love is divine,
Perceiving human error.

And he who lived a lowly life,
Saying, “Turn the other cheek,”
Was right; for conflict settles nought,
Give love if peace you seek.

© Lionel Owen 2009

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