Monday, 1 June 2009

The Afterlife

Here is part of a description by Red Cloud, of the Astral World and how our beliefs affect our reaction to it when we get there.

You have a very limited idea of life in the world past death.

First of all I should like you to know that the world from whence I come is as solid to us as your world is to you. When we study your minds we see that you have an idea that the next state of existence is a totally different life from the one in which you now live. I want you to put that idea completely from your mind and to know that the next state of life that you inherit will be as solid as the body in which you live now.

Does life continue? Definitely. From the moment that the body, the coat I call it, in which you are encased at present drops away from you, activity of mind and being continues as before, for man is indestructible. He lives because he never dies. When he enters the next state surrounding your earthly belt, he enters a new life. At first it may be bewildering to him because his mind believed many things to the contrary whilst in the physical body. He believed he was obliged to lie in a grave until the Resurrection Day. Man is eternal and at no period can his activities cease.

When he has had such a belief and enters the astral world, he finds it is difficult to realise that he is dead. He gazes around at his fellow men and asks them how it is he is dead yet alive. It is all very bewildering.

Then again you have the man who believes that his sins are forgiven him whilst in the body with the result that his life in the astral world is very disappointing. He has not remembered the teaching of Paul which says, “Work out your own salvation.” He has not realised the law of Cause and Effect, which rules that no man can forgive your sins. You have to work out your own evolution here and now.

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