Monday, 8 February 2010

The Mirror

Today I offer a little poem that I hope you will enjoy. Lionel

I gazed into the mirror by a candle´s gentle glow,
My eyes seemed out of focus for there all shining bright
I saw a pretty lady, smiling, dressed in white,
Eyes full of joy and happiness like lanterns in the snow.

I searched and searched my memory to find an echo there,
For the face seemed so familiar, but I couldn´t find a name,
On the tip of my tongue it seemed to be but just never came.
Apparently I was not to know who was that lady fair.

She was so young and radiant, her hair a gleaming gold,
Skin like alabaster, she gave love through every pore.
I knew if she would only speak, I´d known her voice before,
Her eyes they were so eloquent, their love did me enfold.

I tried to voice my thoughts aloud and ask who she could be,
How seemed she so familiar but no name could I recall?
We met perhaps in dreamland, maybe at some gracious ball?
I knew it was important to find her identity.

She drew me like a magnet, the mirror disappeared,
Suddenly right by her side, touching her tender frame,
Anxiety, cold touch of fear I´d felt before she came,
Vanished like ephemera; never more I´d be afeared.

I have never seen an angel but this one must be near,
Her light, her shining eyes, her love and sweet concern
For me and my problems, showed me I was here to learn,
Live and learn and learn to live, to love and conquer fear.

Then I knew it was my mother; my heart near burst with joy.
She left when I was very young and came during the war,
To comfort me and care for me when bombs fell near and far,
Though now I am a senior, to her, I´m still ``My Boy.``

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