Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Self Importance

It is surprising how many people in our world consider them selves to be very important people, even those who would not qualify as V.I.P.’s in the normal course of events. Some believe I know that self-importance is synonymous with self-confidence, but is it? I do not believe so for a self-confident person whilst having an almost instinctive belief in his or her ability, usually is also well aware of his limitations. Because of self-confidence, they focus on what they are best at and accept that others will be better able to do other things than they themselves.

On the other hand, the self-important person is usually so puffed up by his own opinion that he or she is second to none, they have no conception of their own inadequacies. Because of this, most sensible people find their attitude comical, as well as uninteresting and certainly do not seek their company. Is it possible do you think that the self-important are really so unsure of themselves they are trying to compensate by appearing to be so ‘important’? Certainly self-knowledge is not their strong point.

Socrates wisely claimed the most important rule for everyone was “Know Thyself.” I am indebted to a person known as Dr Ann of The Infinity Institute for the following observations on this theme:

“Socrates' guiding rule was, "Know Thyself." These words are of eternal significance. No better advice has ever been give to man or woman. When one begins to explore this dictate, it leads to profound understandings about all of creation. It makes unhappiness, fear, sadness, doubt, and all the negative emotions meaningless.

In the scriptures Jesus said, "Love God first and your neighbour as yourself." In doing this we have to come to the conclusion that we are made in the image and likeness of the Divine, therefore we are all sacred beings. If this premise is true then there is no room for those negative emotions. Ah, however we feel them strongly, why is that?

Could it be that we are not recognising the goodness, the god-within-all of creation? When we do not recognise this goodness, the dark side of our nature begins to find excuses for what is happening in our life. It is then that we begin to feel 'other than happiness' feelings. Happiness of course is our birthright.

When we came into existence our soul was pure love. Our first relationships here in this new environment seem to have taught us to forget from whence we came and why we are here. We tried valiantly to let everyone see our virtue, our love, our innocence and this is proven by how many times people came to look at us and smile and say sweet things to us in our stroller or crib. But then what happened? Through our mother we had been hearing and feeling negative, as well as positive emotions from the time of our conception. At birth the negative began to be reinforced over and over again until we became convinced that in order to survive we needed both positive and negative feelings. Our ego now had a directive, defend against those who would hurt us in some way. Do what it takes to live!

As adults we are still suffering from that mistaken decision and as a result live a life that is insane. Our way out of this is to begin to re-do the mental programming in the subconscious. In “A Course of Miracles” it says that the special relationship is one that omits the presence to Heaven. In other words we are blind to the goodness in ourselves and in others. If we will begin to meditate on the goodness within we begin to do as Socrates prescribed.

First and foremost we begin to be thankful for the 'insight' and demand of our self that we only recognise that which is nurturing to our nature. In other words count our blessings and the love that others have given to us; keep reminding ourselves the good that others have shown to us. Step two is to let go of the old insane thoughts and pictures that have brought unhappiness. In their place it is imperative that we put a positive picture and statement to replace the old worn out negative ones. It helps to count all the blessings associated with relationship. When I say relationship I am referring to the relationship to self, to persons, to places and to things.

For instance, if one is letting go of fear, put in its place the opposite picture and declare: "This fear has no power over me. With the Divine all things are possible. I am one with the Divine." Remember that others are also one with the Divine even though they may not recognize it. This is where compassion and faith become great allies to your newfound way of living. You now begin to live in a sane world of your co-creation with the Divine, not the mistaken world that was presented to you at your birth.

What I have suggested will take dedication, determination, discipline and above all a great deal of self-love (but not self-importance! Lionel).

As Kermit says: "It isn't easy being green."

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