Wednesday, 10 March 2010


Some time ago I published a blog called “Seeing is Believing?” using an extract from the book "Beyond All Belief" written by Peter Lemesurier. Today’s blog is an extract from the same book that takes the concept he introduced to the next stage and provides an interesting way of looking at how humanity can break out of its self-imposed prison of illusion.

It is with the archetypal image of Earthchild, then, that we can most appropriately set before ourselves the vision of wholeness and all-inclusiveness which, if we are to survive as a species, now needs to be manifested at every level – psychic, mental, physical and social. Insofar as our science, religion and psychology reflect that vision, we may adjudge them to be broadly in tune with reality – in this respect at least – even if some care in interpretation is needed. If our traditional politics and moral beliefs fail to reflect it, then that fact can only be a judgement on them.

Nor is there any conflict between the over-all image of Earthchild and the needs and claims of the individual. Our cherished personal individuality, as we have seen, is an illusion – indeed, the very illusion which gave rise to much of our obsessive game of conceptual hide-and-seek in the first place. Consequently there is no reconciling of group and individual to be done. The group is the individual – for, just as, etymologically, the word “individual” means ‘that which cannot be divided’, so there is no way short of illusion in which you can separate yourself from the rest of humanity or from the world in which you live.

As you are Earthchild, so Earthchild is you. Nowhere but within your own psyche can the Great Work be done. And if planetary perfection comes, then it is in your unconscious that it will be conceived, in your consciousness that it will ultimately be born.

It is no surprise, then, that Earthchild should embody the archetype of the Self. It is totally unremarkable that it should present itself as Kalki, Matreya, the Future Christ, the returning Son of Man.

In whatever form, Earthchild is, if you will let it be, the saviour of the world.

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