Saturday, 2 January 2010

Evolution of Spiritualism by Al Batten (continued)

The fourth sphere is the sphere of the Supernatural, the fifth sphere is the Superspiritual, the sixth is the Supercelestial and finally on to the seventh and highest sphere which is called the Sensorium, the Spiritual Sun of the Universe, the Infinite Vortex of Love and Wisdom which is the ultimate state of progression and is almost impossible to describe. Nothing exists here except that which is pure, divine, everlasting and infinite. I like to refer to it as that great centre of spiritual gravity forever pulling us closer to a divine conclusion.

You can compare the whole process to the development of a tree with the 1st sphere being the seed, the 2nd sphere the roots, the 3rd as the trunk, the 4th the branches, the 5th the buds, the 6th the blossom, and the 7th as the beauty that blooms with an immortal fragrance. It is the Tree of Righteousness, because all is right and there is no wrong. It is the Tree of Goodness, because nothing is evil. It is the Tree of Immortal Life, because there is no death. It is the Tree of Divine Perfection, because nothing is imperfect. It is the Tree of Truth, because there is no falsehood, it is the Tree of Love and Wisdom because there is no confusion or disunity, all is love. It is the Tree of That Great Positive Mind of the Universe, the Divine Intelligence that we call God.

And it was this part of the book that provided the foundation for Modern Spiritualism.

I mentioned earlier that Davis always claimed his revelations and writings did not come from spirit but were based solely on his own observations; sometimes however you wonder where he is coming from, some of his observations seem to get beyond him and are difficult to understand; indeed there are some sections that can best be described as stretching the imagination where he describes life and spirits on the other planets in our solar system and with physical descriptions that are staggering...... but here again he surprises by insisting over and over again, as he did throughout his career, that he is not infallible. Then again, who knows what with the recent discoveries on Mars and Saturn; we could be looking at the forms to which our Earth will eventually evolve. Regardless of how he saw things, what is really interesting he says that all revelation must take the form of the mind into which it flows, and there can be no infallible revelation. No revelation is to be accepted merely because it is revealed, but it is to be judged on its own intrinsic merits, by the standards of reason, intuition and nature, take the emotion out it. This is a most important lesson for us all. You could relate this to the acceptance of messages given through mediumship or, for that matter, any other aspect of Spiritualism.

Reason, Intuition, and Nature. Now these are terms that are used continuously in our philosophy so perhaps we should take a few minutes and explore what they really mean as they relate to Spiritualism.

Reason: The common dictionary definition states that Reason is an underlying fact or cause that provides logical sense for a premise or occurrence; the capacity for logical, rational, and analytical thought. I think we call all agree on that, but let’s take it one step further and expand it to a higher meaning. Let’s call it an investigation into the consecutive causes of anything which leads us deep into the spiritual origin of the thing being investigated, or of all things for that matter.

Intuition: Dictionary definition...The act or faculty of knowing or sensing without the use of rational processes; immediate cognition, perspective insight. That sounds reasonable but lets put a different spin on it and say that within Spiritualism it is an opening of the mind to the full penetration of thought, the innate power of feeling a Truth; it is the genius of the Soul.

Nature: Dictionary definition.......The material world, the world of living things and the outdoors. When we talk about Spiritualism this is far too limiting, it has to include everything in existence, both material and spiritual. A universe in which nothing is self existent or stands alone but where all things, material and spiritual, are tied together in a divine brotherhood of interlinking dependencies.

And finally we talk a lot about Truth for the ultimate destination of reason, intuition, and nature is the Truth: Dictionary definition.....Truth, that which is considered to be the supreme reality; to have the ultimate meaning and value of existence. I’m Ok with that but it still doesn’t seem to go far enough: “Truth must be the universal relationship of things as they are. It is the ultimate knowledge: it’s the beginning, middle and end of all inquiry. It is unchangeable: the same yesterday, today, and forever......and it is always simple, always harmonious, infinite and eternal” And how do we find the Truth; it’s simple, just go to that spark of your own divinity, the innermost secret chamber of your Soul; the place where the spirit of God lives: the home of Reason, Intuition, and Nature.

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