Thursday, 5 November 2009

Psychography – Slate Writing

In the early days of Spiritualism, slate writing was a very common form of physical mediumship. Mediums would have two slates (the type children used at their lessons in school in those days) securely fastened together, having first placed a fragment of a pencil between the slates, then sealed so they could not be separated without breaking the seals. Mediums would usually hold both slates in one hand against the under-side of a table, thus forming a makeshift cabinet. One exceptional medium, Fred Evans, would have none of this. He always arranged for the slates to be held by one of the investigating committee, in full view of the audience at all times and in good, bright light. What follows is a report of a demonstration of his powers given in Scottish hall San Francisco in 1885.

“At Scottish Hall, Mr Evans did similar work worthy of note. At this latter séance a shrewd Real Estate operator, sitting in the back part of the audience, wagered $20 with a companion that if he could be chosen as one of the committee to examine and hold the slates, no writing would appear on the slates in his hands. Thereupon his name was called, and by vote of the audience he was elected as one of the committee. He examined his slates with especial care, saw that they were thoroughly washed, dried and tied together, in a manner to make deception impossible. He did not suffer them to leave his hands for a moment, nor did Mr Evans even touch them.

He declared that he heard the pencil scratching between the slates, and upon opening them one of the inner surfaces was covered with about thirty messages, written in the usual patchwork manner peculiar to this psychic. He gave it up, and was quite earnest in extolling the fact as he was at first in declaring that it could not be done.

On the inner surface of one of the slates held by the other member of the committee, were also a large number of messages. It is needless to say that the friends of Mr Evans were delighted, whilst the sceptics present were completely bothered.”

Taken from the book “Psychography- Marvellous manifestations of psychic power through Fred P.Evans” by J.J. Owen (No relation to me)

I think by clicking on the image, you might be able to enlarge the slate so you can read what is written upon it.

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  1. This is fantastic Lionel. And, yes I was able to read some of the messages by clicking on the "slate". Thank you for such a diverse education on Spiritualism and such gifted "mediums". In Gratitude ~ Deborah.