Friday, 6 November 2009


Beyond the door
there’s peace I'm sure.
And I know there'll be no more...
Tears in heaven

“Eric Clapton wrote the touching song Tears in Heaven, in response to his young son’s tragic passing. As anyone who has lost a loved one knows, it is the most painful ordeal anyone can endure.

However, physical death is not the end of existence. Physical death is transference of our life force and consciousness from the Material World to The Other Side, which many of us refer to as Heaven.

As a psychic medium, I facilitate connections between people here in the Material World and the spirits of their loved ones on The Other Side. Some of the most frequent questions I’m asked is whether a loved one is alone on the Other Side, and whether that person’s spirit is afraid. In other words, “Are there tears in Heaven?”

After communicating with thousands of spirits, it is my belief no one is alone on The Other Side. When a spirit leaves the physical body and ascends, he or she crosses into the “Light.” The Light is the spiritual energy of God. Upon entering this beautiful Light, the spirit is then greeted by spirits of family members and friends. These loved ones are connected by love to each other in Heaven, and they remain connected to us from Heaven by love. No one in Heaven is ever alone or afraid.

That is why there are no tears in Heaven.”


I was asked recently if I agreed with the views of the medium who wrote the above and I am afraid I do not. Whilst I am not in favour spreading alarm and despondency about life after death, and I am certainly no “fire and brimstone” man, I do believe we should always try to be honest and objective. There is ample information from those who have spoken to us from spirit that there are in fact many spheres in the spirit world, some bright and some much darker. These are the “many mansions” of Jesus of Nazareth.

Lovely and comforting initially, the sentiments expressed by this medium might be but I am afraid I must disagree with him. Had he focussed on the tragedy of losing a child and that such children can never be alone in heaven, I would have no quarrel with him. Whilst I cannot tell if there are sad tears in heaven, I do know there are tears of happiness. I imagine there must also be tears of sadness sometimes too - maybe not as much for oneself as for others, both on earth and in the spirit world. He is correct about everyone being met by loved ones when they arrive in the etheric world and from that point of view no-one should be lonely. But loneliness is a matter of choice, not of circumstances. If a person has lived a bad or selfish life on earth, they may eventually become so full of remorse that they shy away from any company. They still will not be deserted by their Guardian but they may be unable to see him or her because of their remorse.

Where I really part company with this medium though is in his apparent assumption that everyone ascends into the light and remains "happy ever after" as it were. By comparison with earth, the etheric world into which we all pass on death, is a place of light - BUT we do not remain there, except for those so wedded to the flesh that they wish to continue to live in closest proximity to the world of the flesh, and even they will have to move on to a suitable spirit sphere. However when we do move on - and we all do eventually - we go to that sphere of spirit closest in light to the light we give out ourselves (our spiritual, mental and emotional aura) which is the result of the type of life we have lived on earth.

Very selfish and even more, evil people, do not go to a sphere that is particularly bright. In these darker spheres, the loved ones of a spirit living there due to their 'lack of charity' (to use an old phrase) do not often visit because it is emotionally and spiritually painful for them to visit the darker places. Therefore, separation from loved ones would be a fact. Were it not so, the Spiritualist principle "Compensation and retribution for all good and evil deeds done on earth," would be meaningless. Life on earth and in spirit is all about growth, spiritual growth. Some people refuse to make the effort required in order to grow spiritually and they either stagnate or worse, go backwards. This is true I understand in spirit as well as on earth (where it is obvious). Since the measure of a person's spiritual attainment is the light they emit, it would make nonsense of the efforts made by those who have tried hard to do good if those who never bothered finish up in exactly the same place in the spiritual world! God is nothing if not loving and just and His laws are so perfect that if we transgress them (by being unkind, uncharitable or downright evil) we cannot move forward until we have made amends for those transgressions.

I hope this explains where I am coming from. I must say I become impatient with those who seem to think everything is 'lovey-dovey' in life, when clearly it is not and there are sound, logical reasons why that is so. Telling people what you think they would like to hear is not the most honest approach and can do more harm than good in the long term. I am very much in favour of looking for the best in everyone and it is true, even the worst of us has good things about him/her, but to pretend that behaviour here on earth is unimportant, as this man seems to do, is irresponsible and he is guilty of the worst type of sentimentality.

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