Sunday, 13 December 2009

Received from Spirit – 12th December 2009

After first praying for guidance, I sat at my computer yesterday and invited anyone from spirit to use my fingers in the cause of the purest spiritual light. I want to share with you what I received. If any of you would care to comment as to whether you feel it really is a communication from spirit, or merely a rehash of my own views, I should be grateful. Lionel

As we draw close to you this morning, we ask for your forbearance. This is the first time we have been allowed to speak through you and it will take us a while to accustom ourselves to this form of communication.

We bear from our home here the greetings of the bright ones who are always striving to draw close to those in your realms who are willing to listen or to offer themselves in service. When we draw close to your state and feel the overwhelming sense of conflict we are saddened, even though we know that this is the inevitable result of the wrong thinking of past ages. We speak of the conflict between matter and spirit, reflected in constant warfare and unnecessary suffering.

It is time now to draw back – to go within yourselves and seek for more light and more power so that the forces of negation which have moved to the fore during these ages may be arrested. Their advance has never been inevitable, for each one of you has always had access to greater power and brighter light. In the presence of these, their energies, which feed on ignorance, greed and misrepresentation, cannot exist. Once allow the light that is within you to burst forth and it will so blind the forces of negation that they will be unable to advance further because that light reveals the truth; the eternal truth, the understanding of which ensures ignorance cannot survive. In its presence the eyes of the blind (unfortunately most of humanity) are opened and can see the bright sunshine that streams from the Infinite Spiritual Presence. All your finer senses are sharpened and you can feel the warmth and comfort of the Presence; the Presence from whose heart each one of you sprang.

Greed that has so dominated humanity is, in this light, seen in its true colours. Its falseness is revealed by the Presence, as is its power to mislead. Please believe, few things are as damaging to human spiritual progress as greed. In the clear light of the Presence, the knowledge dawns that an acquisitive nature opposes the true aspirations of humanity, in the same way that failing to work with the laws of nature leads to dustbowls and starvation. Your light revealed, will ensure the greedy are no longer able to misrepresent the truth and force their views upon others through the use of fear.

The light of the Infinite Presence is the light of justice and compassion and understanding; the light of the knowledge that all life, animal, vegetable, mineral, is one - there can be no separation; the knowledge that all life is eternal. It is the light that uses unconditional love because it knows the power that love conveys is superior to all others; the light that smiles with understanding and compassion upon the need people have to reduce their individual idea of the Infinite Presence to finite terms; the light which encourages toleration of this need but lays down laws that ultimately defeat attempts to force upon others, one particular finite conception of the Infinite Presence.

There are gathered in our world, hosts of bright beings committed to restoring the light of spiritual understanding to all humanity. They await patiently the arrival in your world of those whose spirit is pure and simple enough to be used by them as conduits through which the light can be channelled. Rest assured there are an increasing number of such souls arriving on Earth. Through their activities, the darkness of ignorance and greed will be dissolved and the true function of Earth restored.

You may ask, “What is the true function of Earth?” It is simply to offer each individual creation of the Infinite Presence the opportunity, through confinement in a physical world, to shine more brightly as stars in the spiritual firmament, in the same way that the ore is transformed into golden beauty by the actions of the crusher and the furnace. The opportunity for this transformation to take place has been severely constrained because the physical senses have been allowed to dominate for too long. The physical senses are an essential element in the process of transformation but if they become too dominant, your inner light is obscured. The beings of light are dedicated to revealing your inner light again by showing, through those able to channel their message, the true wonder of infinite life and how poverty stricken is the conception of it when revealed only by your physical senses. They are seeking to restore peace and tranquillity to the soul, which will result in the Earth itself being similarly transformed. In their wisdom they know the outer always reflects the inner; therefore, the only way to change the latter is to change the former first.

May the light of the Infinite Presence surround you and the wisdom to use that light be granted unto you. We hope to return again soon and tell you more.

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  1. Dear Lionel, I "feel it really is a communication from Spirit". I am most-impressed by the fifth & sixth paragraphs of the thoughts in this writing. I trust we all shall read more "greetings" and thoughts from the "bright ones". Lionel --God bless you for your Service & generosity. In gratitude, Deborah