Saturday, 24 October 2009

The Invocation of Dr. Hitchman

Here is the wonderful prayer I referred to yesterday:

Omnipotent Spirit! You divine and perfect soul! Who from eternity and to eternity are the same now and forever! Whose abiding light, like an infinite and central sun, pervades the universe! Whose soul, with surpassing power and grandest thought, rules the atom and the sun – man and the archangel! You that with divine and perfect accord move upon the universe and worlds respond, move upon the human soul and thought springs into being and the flame of inspiration undying! O God we praise You! Within the hallowed temple raised by Your hand, before the shrine and altar of an eternity of hopes and prophesies, within the innermost recesses of the lowly and contrite spirit, where the only flame is love, and the undying offerings are of truth, we praise You! Wheresoever the stars keep time to the beating of Your heart, and souls abide which cleave space with hallowed wings of thought and prayer; wheresoever a lowly spirit bends in sorrow, striving to pierce the outer darkness with one ray of hope, You, O God, are there! We, within the shrine made sacred by all human hopes and aspirations and offerings from out the altar of our devotions, to the end that human life may become uplifted and exalted, that human hopes may become disenthralled from sadness and fear and terror, that death may be destroyed utterly and all fears which it brings cast into oblivion, that nothing may abide save love and mercy and truth and justice for evermore, and that all the nations of men, and all the spirits of all the nations of men, and all the spirits of all nations, and the souls of spirits from all worlds risen and disenthralled from time and sense, may abide in Your kingdom of loveliness for evermore, praising You unceasingly! AMEN

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  1. Thank You Lionel. I said the "Invocation" aloud and feel it such a loving, uplifting & complete "prayer", in every sense of the word. Bless you for caring to share w/so many. In gratitude, --Deborah.