Monday, 7 December 2015

The Day of Rest

The Day of Rest

Sunday is a day of rest,
Some go pray and thus feel blessed.
Remember though that adage old,
As good as rest, is change we’re told.

Seek change if it is rest you need,
Somewhere new, your soul will feed.
If in town you spend your days,
Go to the country; feel and praise.

If you cannot leave your home,
In the country fair to roam,
Look inside yourself; be still,
                                                    There is soul’s nectar – drink your fill.

Wise the psalmist when he wrote
For folks of old, and here I quote,
Don’t just toil upon Earth’s sod,
“Be still and know that I am God.”

Seek the truth and when you find it,
Test within, the love behind it.
Love vibrates with heart and soul
And helps the spirit reach its goal.

Stretch your spirit if you’d be strong,
Leave habit; comfort; move along.
Try what you think you cannot do,
Then inner strength will transform you.

Your spirit does not fear the worst,
It taps the power that from the first,
Made us immortal; sister; brother,
God links us all to one another.

East or West or North or South,
Despite the language from your mouth,
Buddha, Islam, Christ or mission,
His love is ours without condition.

Every road will take us where,
The love of God our homes prepare,
In spirit realms so fair and bright
We all will dwell:  No need to fight.

Some get there quick and others slow,
Why is that? Is it always so?
The quick ones help their worldwide kin,
The slow, too much of self let in.

The quick judge not for this they know,
We always reap whate’er we sow.
They know all err, that’s how we learn,
Are patient, kind and wait their turn.
The slow find patience hard to bear,
They want to change the world and tear
Apart and start anew,
To give them more than me and you.

Please understand and be content,
With all that God on you has spent.
Your hand in His, just trust and know,
You are His child, He loves you so,

The light within your soul is clear,
Cover it not with doubt or fear,
Or selfish thoughts, or hate, or strife,
Your light is love and love is life.

© Lionel Owen 2009

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