Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Psychic Defence

Quite rightly, Spiritualists and especially the churches, focus their attention principally upon the positive side of our spiritual nature and of contact with those in the spiritual world. There are enough negative ‘alarm and despondency merchants’ about without the Spiritualist Churches adding to it. However as with everything, there is an opposite side. As Newton’s third law of motion states, “To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction,” so it is with spiritual matters. Just as here on Earth there are good people, bad people, lazy people and opportunists, so it is in spirit. People do not automatically change their characters when they pass to spirit. It takes time and hard work, which is something some spirits are unwilling to do for a long time. They prefer to remain as they were on Earth.

However it is important I believe for everyone to be aware of the negative side and how to protect themselves against it. Such psychic protection is a basic necessity, especially if you are a particularly sensitive person and I don’t just mean mediumistic when I say this. Even at the physical level, it is possible to protect ourselves against negative forces. On the one hand it demands alertness to what is going on around you and on the other hand foreknowledge of the risks we run in certain situations.

For instance on the matter of alertness, a friend of mine now in spirit herself, related the following experience: She was travelling by train from one of the London rail terminals and entered an empty carriage. A little while later a man entered the same compartment and she suddenly became aware that he appeared to be surrounded with blackness and she said it was like a physical barrier. She hurriedly left that compartment and entered another where there were several people sitting and felt greatly relieved to have escaped. She is sure that had she remained in the carriage with that man, something dreadful would have occurred. It is only sensible to act upon and not ignore such feelings if we are to avoid negative situations.

To demonstrate the importance of thinking ahead, take a hospital visit. If you are going to a hospital to visit a sick friend or relative, you should be aware that quite unconsciously and naturally, the sick draw upon the energy of the healthy. Unless you protect yourself beforehand, you will find your energy will become seriously depleted and the longer you stay, the greater will be this effect. The same is true when visiting old buildings, particularly any where violent emotions have been displayed in the past. Murders or executions for instance. Strong emotions imprint themselves on the fabric of a building and a sensitive person will become aware of them almost as soon as they enter. We should be aware that this can happen and take steps to protect ourselves from their influence.

The foregoing are physical situations but there are other threats we should be aware of. There is a natural law that nobody from spirit can invade the spirit of a person on Earth unless they are invited to do so. Such invasion can be termed ‘psychic attack.” The problem is that in certain situations it is possible in ignorance to extend an invitation without realising it. Young people playing with the Ouija for instance, when they have been drinking or taking drugs and the very fact they are treating spirit communication as a game influences the situation. Their natural immunity to psychic attack is greatly reduced and they can suffer psychological damage under such conditions. This is why we warn everyone not to treat the Ouija as a game. It is not. It is a basic instrument that can be used to bring about communication between us and the spiritual world and unless it is used reverentially and responsibly, damage can result. There are opportunist people in spirit that are so wedded to their former earthly lives they are just looking for opportunities to attach themselves to a person still on earth in order to try to relive the earthly experience.

Please do not think such risks are there in properly conducted experiments to contact the spirit world. So long as the power of the light is invoked and the experiment is reverentially conducted, there is no possibility of harm to participants. Knowledge is our best protection. On the other hand there are some people who have made themselves skilled in the practice of what have become known as the “Dark Arts” and they sometimes use this knowledge to attack individuals psychically. How can we protect ourselves if we feel such action is being aimed at us? By the use of love, prayer and white light. Pray to your God with love and devotion then imagine yourself surrounded by pure, white light and draw it close about you. Then surround that in your imagination, with a clear glass dome, so that you are like one of those clocks enclosed within such a dome. You will be able to see out but no psychic attack can penetrate the combination of the light and the glass. This can be used too when visiting old buildings. In the case of the hospital, ask your spirit friends to use you as a channel for healing during your visit. If you do that it is their energy, not yours that will be expended.

I have no wish to alarm anyone with these remarks and I hope you will accept they are given in a spirit of guidance and as help towards understanding. If you always work with love, light and consideration for others, there is nothing whatever to fear.

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