Saturday, 31 January 2009

Dark Matter & Dark Energy Again!

There were two TV programmes the other evening explaining where Astronomers were in their understanding of these two forces, discovered relatively recently. They were fascinating programmes with some very impressive photographs and computer graphics. Fascinated though I was, the programmes left me feeling frustrated at the attitude of the scientists who took part. Can anyone answer the following questions?

a) How can scientists continue to promote theories and ‘guesstimates’ as if they were facts after all the past changes in scientific thinking as knowledge has been accumulated over the years?

b) Instruments being used now are much more sophisticated than formerly and the Hubble telescope in particular has expanded our ability to actually see distant galaxies by a huge factor. Why do scientists persist in giving the impression that these are the ultimate when experience suggests the reverse? What will the instruments of 1000 years from now reveal? I suggest our knowledge of the universe will be increased by a factor far greater than our present knowledge is compared to Galileo’s!

c) The foregoing being so and the whole of science, not just astronomy and particle Physics, having demonstrated many times the fallacy of accepting the latest theories as absolute, why do modern scientists fall into the same trap? Nothing that the mind of man working through his finite brain can devise or imagine in connection with the universe can possibly be absolute.

d) Because of our obsession with establishing absolute limits to everything, the people investigating the universe today give the impression that now Dark Matter and Dark Energy have been discovered (but not even minutely understood) there is nothing new for us to discover. They feel it is sensible therefore to build theories based on the present state of our knowledge. Of course what else can they do? They can’t build theories on what has not yet been discovered. Why not? Einstein’s General Theory accurately predicted that the universe is expanding. (Although Einstein couldn’t accept it and thought there must be an error in the theory) Also, what about the Particle Physicists String Theory? This predicts the existence of 16 different dimensions! (Only four of which have yet been discovered) It is prompting a lot of research however. I very much doubt if new discoveries have been exhausted by Dark Matter and Dark Energy.

As to what the various scientific disciplines should be investigating, see my posts of 15th January and yesterday.

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Infinity and the Mind

Why do scientists persist in expecting everything to be finite? Their researches in so many fields prove the opposite if only they could release themselves from the mental prison their training has built for them.

The present assumption is that the universe is likely to go on expanding indefinitely until no galaxy is visible from another and the universe becomes ice-cold and lifeless. The conservation of matter and energy should demonstrate clearly enough how doubtful is this assumption. Nothing is ever destroyed – it only changes form. Even the destruction of a solar system in a supernova provides the material to build new worlds. The same must be true of galaxies and even of the universe itself. Death and rebirth are vital factors in everything that is, yet scientists appear to deny their existence when it comes to the universe, whether in microcosm (Particle Physics) or macrocosm (Astrophysics).

There is also a reluctance to accept that infinity exists. Faced with an expanding universe, scientists seem mentally restricted to assuming apocalypse. I believe the key to changing this lies in detailed study of the mind – NOT THE BRAIN. The mind is part of our infinite self, whereas the brain is part of our finite physical body. By studying the mind properly without making prior assumptions, (which despite assurances to the contrary, researchers do all the time) scientists will eventually discover it is infinite and when not constrained by purely physical laws can be the most powerful force in the universe. Indeed, such study should reveal a series of new natural laws (new to science that is) which will revolutionize general understanding of all aspects of human existence.

"Please God Why?"

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A spiritual tour de force, the book claims humanity is ego driven, materialistic and deeply unhappy. Science, riddled with conservatism, enslaved by its paymasters and unjustifiably deified: Religion, seduced from its spiritual path by the siren call of temporal power: Self serving Politicians: Greed and Avarice: All have played their part in humanity’s descent into materialism and its loss of spiritual direction.

The book offers a better, more fulfilling way of life and is written in simple, straight-forward language.

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Wednesday, 28 January 2009

"The Gift"

An inspiring and uplifting book by Lionel - About a psychic boy and his adventures during the war - A great story with a spiritual message – A must for anyone who enjoys a good story and is interested in spiritual matters.

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“What a wonderful book. I was in tears several times. When is the sequel being published?” – Laura, Virginia

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Monday, 26 January 2009

How do Mediums Read the Future?

I’m not sure they do. If they are using their mediumship then it is spirit that is talking about the future and in that, I liken spirit people to a helicopter pilot flying over a narrow twisty road on which a car and a truck are travelling fast in opposite directions. Because of the bends and the high hedges, neither driver is aware of the other but the helicopter pilot can see them both and knows if nothing is done there will be a nasty accident. He therefore warns them both to slow down and be ready to meet one another. Spirit are in much the same situation vis a vis us. They, from their elevated position can see a little further ahead than can we but not a long way. They are therefore in a position to warn of impending collision. Also I believe, because they know our hopes and expectations, they sometimes indulge in a little game. They know that if they reinforce a strong hope, dream or expectation, the chances of it being realised will be increased. I’m sure you know yourself that you try harder to achieve something if you are encouraged.

The latter is what mediums do when just working with their psychic faculty. The difference is the psychic does it unconsciously because he or she doesn’t understand how the gift works. They sense the sitter’s hopes, dreams, expectations, even their state of health and often interpret what they are sensing as coming from spirit (which it is not). They then tell the sitter what they feel as though the information were coming from spirit. The psychic infers that what he feels is what will happen in the sitter's life and thus reinforced, hey presto, the psychic’s prediction becomes self-fulfilling!

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Do We Choose Our Parents?

A friend points out to me that Sylvia Browne claims through her guide, that there is a Hall of Records in the spirit world. I reserve judgement on this for no-one else I know of has ever claimed such a thing. In any case whether it exists or not, I cannot see what influence it would have on our choice of parents, as the guide seems to state. The choice of parents and I do believe we choose, is a personal matter, albeit we receive guidance. If it exists, the 'hall of records' is inside each person’s mind. Our sub-conscious mind knows what we have done, where we have been and how justly or unjustly we have treated others during our life here and in spirit. Thus do we become our own judges when we arrive in the spirit world.

Our chief guide, or Guardian Angel, the one who has been beside us longest, will also be aware of all the details of our past which is how they can guide us so lovingly. I have always believed we choose our parents and this has been taught by countless Spiritualists over the years. Because I believe this is true, I always tell people it's no use blaming your parents or grandparents for what has gone wrong in your life because you chose them and will always be personally responsible for yourself and all that happens in your life.

That is not to say we cannot be influenced by those around us or that we cannot receive help and guidance here and from spirit. We choose the parents we choose precisely because we feel their influence will be important to us. In the end personal responsibility, within the bounds of natural law, is the basis of our eternal life.

Saturday, 24 January 2009

A Smile to Begin the Weekend

The following actually appeared in a church bulletin:

The sermon this morning: "Jesus Walks on Water."
The sermon tonight: "Searching for Jesus."

Friday, 23 January 2009

Cherokee Feast of Days

If I could lay before you the dearest gift
This morning, it would be a time of no beginning
And no end. It would be life filled with good health
And peace and inner joy that can only come from
The Spirit.

You would quietly refine your thoughts
And words so that you never draw to you anything
But the finest. You would rest deeply and breathe in
Sweet peace. You would know the tremendous dif-
ference between the material and the spiritual--
Turning from anger and frustration to a safe haven
Of love.

You would always be the most loyal
Friend--not to me but to yourself. All the issues of
Life rise out of the heart--so this is a gift from heart
To heart.

I have expressed my heart to you. I have nothing to
Take back.


Thursday, 22 January 2009

An Old Irish Blessing

May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind always be at your back.
May the sun always shine warm upon your face.
May the rains fall soft upon your fields.
And until we meet again,
May God hold you in the palm of His hand.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Good Morning

As you listen to Eduard Grieg's magic music and watch the beautiful images that unfold (watch it using full screen), try to remember that EVERY morning is a new start for each of us - a chance to renew our lives and put the past behind us.

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Blessings and Light, Lionel

The Butterfly

Joy pours from you as you flutter past my wondering gaze. Each gentle movement of those delicate wings is a hymn to freedom and to grace. In the short span of your life you bring delight and wonder – wonder at the breathtaking beauty of your form – wonder at the perfect symmetry that shines through all creation.

Oh might I for one brief hour, experience your freedom; that I might choose to soar on the breeze, alight on any flower, sup nectar from the blossom, express my thanks to my creator by merely being myself. No concern about the state of the world. No fear about what others might think. To be, to give freely to all without considering who is more deserving; to say, “Come fly with me and be free!” No matter that my span is brief; of what use is time if one spends so much of it in fear? Fear of failure, fear of ridicule, fear of change, fear of boredom, fear of rejection.

You tell me that each has his part to play in the grand opera that is our life here. Let me learn to play that part to the full. Teach me to recognise that I am who I am meant to be, where I am meant to be, with whom I am meant to be and having all that I need to play my part to perfection. Teach me to accept this moment as the only true reality in this world of illusions. The moment, that fully exploited, will bring in its train, the satisfaction of achievement, the reassurance of self-knowledge, the inner peace of surrender to true reality and the joy of release; release of the spirit from its self-imposed prison.

Time is meaningless in your world and in your brief period with us you do more for the happiness of others than many of us achieve in years of pointless posturing, as we try to be what we think others expect. I am sure that when you pass from our world you merely soar into heaven; there to bless the gardens with your beauty and your delight in being you. As the rainbow fulfils God’s promise to Noah never to destroy the world with a flood; the dawn His promise that a new day brings to each of us a fresh start; so you fulfil His promise that beauty and love are free and for the enjoyment of all.

God, let us not be so consumed by our own petty concerns and fears, that we forget to smell the flowers, welcome the gentle rain, watch with wonder the butterfly, or to thank You for all Your love has so generously placed before us for our sustenance and enjoyment.

Monday, 19 January 2009

Types of Mediumship no Longer Seen

Psychography (or slate writing)
Slate writing was one of the earliest, and at that time, one of the most evidential forms of mediumship, especially in the hands of such a gifted exponent as Fred Evans. A detailed account of his mediumship can be found in the book “Psychography – through the mediumship of Fred P. Evans” by J.J.Owen, published in 1893.
Fred Evans was born in Liverpool, England but moved to San Francisco in California when in his thirties after leading a seafaring life. He found that he had a gift whereby writing mysteriously appeared on the inside of two slates when they were bound together. He became famous because although one or two tried to accuse him of trickery, the charges never stuck because his mediumship was so open and above-board, to say nothing of the detailed nature of the messages that appeared on his slates. He always allowed sitters to bring their own slates if they wished, ensured they were securely fastened together and sealed with wax seals and above all, ensured the slates remained in full view of the sitter/audience at all times and that the sittings/public demonstrations took place in bright light.
Before the slates were bound together a small piece of slate crayon was inserted between them. During the writing, people could often hear the scratching of the crayon on the slates. The messages appeared in a very few minutes, sometimes less than two. Often as many as eighteen messages appeared on one slate, separated by lines drawn around each one. Many were very short but even those gave the full name of the communicator and usually their relationship to the intended recipient and that person’s name. Sometimes they included addresses where the communicator had lived when on earth, the causes of death and details of information only known to the communicator and the intended recipient.
In tests, two diagonal lines were drawn across each slate before they were bound together and sealed. The messages never failed to appear and they were written over the diagonal lines, proving the messages had not in some way been written on the slate beforehand and somehow hidden.

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Today's Thought

Look to this day!
For it is life, the very life of life.
In its brief course lie all the verities
And realities of your existence:
The bliss of growth;
The glory of action;
The splendour of beauty.
For yesterday is already a dream,
And tomorrow only a vision;
But today, well lived, makes every yesterday
A dream of happiness, and every tomorrow
A vision of hope.
Look well therefore to this day!

From the Sanskrit

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Thought for the Day

You have to do your own growing,
No matter how tall your father was.

Friday, 16 January 2009

Spiritual Gifts

I was recently asked about spiritual gifts, how one can recognise one's own and the effect they have on our lives. Here is my answer:

What are spiritual gifts?

The definition can be very wide and will include all the arts, music, poetry, literature, inspirational speaking, painting, drawing, designing beautiful buildings etc., etc. To me a spiritual gift is any gift that causes other people to become more aware of their higher, inner self and focus more on the needs of others rather than themselves. It will also include the sciences where research uncovers explanations that help us to understand and appreciate more the beauty and majesty of the world in which we live and the marvellous symmetry and order there is in nature. Even listening with a sympathetic ear to those who are in difficulties can be a spiritual gift; it is certainly not one that is possessed by all!
In this wider context, because all human beings are spirit beings, all gifts must be spiritual, for the physical body can do nothing without the presence of the individual spirit to bring life to it.

However, in the context of Spiritualism, I guess most people mean mediumship when they talk of spiritual gifts. The gifts are many and varied as I explained in certain chapters of my book “Please God Why?” I also pointed out that how mediumship is used is what determines whether or not the gift is spiritual. I have known some mediums who do not use their mediumship in spiritual ways and who are far from being spiritual themselves. It is important not to assume that mediumship bestows spirituality. It does not. For this reason, I deliberately chose in the book to refer to ‘The Gifts of the Spirit’ rather than spiritual gifts.

How do I know what my gifts are?

Some people are such strong natural mediums that their gift is quite apparent at an early age, whether it is physical, mental or healing but most only learn gradually what their own gift or gifts are. Some good mediums can sense the potential of another’s mediumship and give advice on its development but they can only really be sure of the potential. Whether that is fully realised or not is up to the possessor. Other mediums I have known, whilst not showing strong psychic abilities when young, seem to know within themselves they have a particular gift and work hard to develop it. Healers, for instance, will always have had a strong empathy with sick people and an overwhelming desire to help them. Sometimes such people become doctors or nurses, where they can exercise their gifts professionally and I am convinced many such people are used by spirit during their professional life.

Most people come into none of these categories and must discover for themselves whether or not they possess an innate gift of mediumship. How? In a Home Circle, I deliberately avoid saying “in a Development Circle” because such a circle only becomes effective if the gift to be developed is known. A Home Circle should be a small group of friends meeting for the joy of being together in the company of spirit friends. There should be no plan to form such a circle with a view to developing mediumship, that should be left in the hands of the spirit people, who know who has which gift. In modern Spiritualist society it is unfortunately the case that far too many people wish to decide for themselves what mediumistic gifts they have. Anyone thinking this way should be gently disabused of the thought.

The first step is to learn to be still, even to meditate followed by the sharpening of your psychic and spiritual awareness. There are many exercises that can be conducted in circles or groups in order to do this. Psychometry is the most commonly used because it can teach students to differentiate between what is psychic and what is mediumship. All of us are psychic to a greater or lesser extent but not all of us are mediums. In any case for every medium whose gifts, whatever they are, need developing there must be several others willing to give their time and their psychic and spiritual energy to assist in that development. It is also true to say that mediums develop at widely differing speeds and I guess this is due to the strength of the innate gift in the first place.

In the peace, love and harmony of a good home circle, many differing gifts of mediumship will appear over the years. Spirit will guide everything. All the sitters need to do is to create the essential harmony and love. If a need to develop physical mediumship or trance becomes apparent for instance, spirit will advise the circle leader what physical changes are needed in the organisation of the circle. The important thing is to sit for the joy of being with spirit and not to develop mediumship. If the conditions are good, mediumship among some or all will follow but gradually.

Always discourage the desire to develop mediumship quickly and I only wish leaders of groups and churches were more honest in their assessment of new mediums who offer themselves to serve on the platform. Far too many are encouraged to work in public before they are ready, to the general disadvantage of Spiritualism. Also the need to promote the philosophy of Spiritualism is frequently overlooked in the rush to become a medium. Much work should be put in by the aspiring medium to learn about spiritual matters, from the widest viewpoint, not just Spiritualism. Learning to speak well and inspirationally in public is also important.

A lovely little book that will help all teachers and aspiring mediums is by Harry Edwards and is called “A Guide for the Development of Mediumship” ISBN 1 898680 06 X and I am pretty sure it is available from the NSAC bookstore at Lily Dale, as well as The Arthur Findlay College Bookstore and the Greater World Bookstore in London. It only has 38 pages but is a gem. It includes a sensible introduction to the subject of potential and I have been recommending it for years.

How will Mediumship affect my life?

To a large extent this is up to you. However, do not think only your spiritual life will be affected. The development of awareness followed by mediumship will make you more sensitive to EVERYTHING. It is vital that your loved ones are made aware of this from the start, so they can understand the changes as they occur. You will become more sensitive to noise and to atmosphere. You may find your tastes in food and drink change too, although this is not invariably the case. You will need to devote time to your development, time that you may formerly have devoted to other things and you will also need to find the time to be still for a short period each day. If you succeed in becoming a working medium then you will need to be prepared to travel and spend some time away from home. You will also have to learn to guard against becoming overly conceited and to deal with the inevitable flattery that follows a successful demonstration or talk. Remember, you are just the channel; the real work is done by the spirit people.

If you develop your mediumship properly, it will add a wonderful dimension to your life, in that the power of the spirit flowing through you will strengthen and uplift you. However, because spirit will always use mediums who offer themselves, you must take care not to overtax your strength by taking on too great a burden by way of bookings. Although mediumship does give you spiritual strength from those using you in the spiritual world, it can also lead to physical strain if you are not careful. This can be particularly true of Private Readings. Sitters will often, quite innocently, pass their problems onto you and just as in all professions, mediums must guard against becoming personally involved. Emotional detachment is a vital skill for mediums to learn.

Those who are Physical mediums are particularly susceptible to health problems, for this type of mediumship makes extensive use of the pancreas. Diabetes is a special risk for physical mediums and they must guard against it very carefully. It can be physically draining and such mediums should be protected against those who would have them working constantly because they enjoy the ‘spectacle’ of physical mediumship.

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Dark Matter - Description from Spirit in 1913!

The following extract from “The Lowlands of Heaven,”* a book dictated from the spiritual world by a process known as “automatic writing” is dated Thursday October 9th 1913.

“Perhaps if we endeavour to enlighten you on the chemistry of the heavenly bodies it may be both interesting and helpful to you. We do not mean the physical aspect of science, as understood by modern astronomers, but the deeper study of their constitution.

Every star, as you know, is itself the centre of a system which comprises in itself not only the planets in revolution around the star, but also the particles of matter which suffuse that system, but are too sublimated to be cognised by any system of chemistry which is possible to those who dwell in physical bodies, and in their research are compelled to use both material instruments and material brains. These particles are between the purely material and spiritual, and indeed may be used both in the physical and spiritual economies. For the two are merely two of many phases of one progressive economy, and act and react each on the other, like a sun and his planet.

Gravitation is applicable to these particles also on both sides, and it is by means of this force – as we will call it, as being a name you know and also understand a little– that we cohere these particles together and are able, from time to time, so to clothe our spiritual bodies as to become visible to the photographic plate, and sometimes to the human eye.

But we do more than this, and over a wider range. Were it not for these particles all space would be dark; that is, no light would be able to be transmitted from planet or sun or star to earth; for it is because of the reflection and refraction of these that the rays are visible. Not that they are transmitted, for their transmission and passage depend on other elements of which we will now say no more than this: It is not the rays of light, nor is it the so-called light-waves which are visible to the human eye, but their action on these minute particles which, on the impact of these rays, become visible as waves. …

What we want you to understand is that there is no such thing as blind or unconscious force in all God’s kingdom of creation. Not a ray of light, not an impulse of heat, not an electrical wave proceeds from your sun, or any other star, but is the effect of a cause, and that cause is a conscious cause; it is the Will of some conscious being energizing in a certain and positive direction. These beings are of many grades and species. They are not all of the same order, nor all of the same form. But their work is controlled by those above them, and these are controlled by powers of higher grade and sublimity still.”

Making allowances for the slightly archaic language of 1913, it is clear that what is being described here is Dark Energy/Matter. The communicator from spirit even uses the word “particles” in his description. Notice too that he also says “gravitation is applicable to these particles also on both sides.” ‘Both sides’ meaning: 1) Physical dimensions and 2) Spiritual dimensions. Confirmation from spirit therefore that there are more dimensions than the four we learned about at school!

Long before we even split the atom, let alone created Particle Physics as a branch of scientific study, the spiritual world are trying their best, subject to the total ignorance of the subject at that time on earth, to tell us about the matter/energy that physicists today acknowledge as forming 96% of all matter in the universe.

Mention is made that the ‘particles’ are “between the purely material and the spiritual”. Might this explain why physicists have observed in experiments certain sub-atomic particles disappearing and then re-appearing later?

The communicator describes how this dark energy is used to create what is known as ‘ectoplasm’, using which spirit forms can become as solid as you and me for short periods of time. Something perhaps the Victorian scientists who investigated materialisation might have used in their investigations had they realised dark matter existed?

Two factors mentioned have great relevance in relation to experiments using the Hadron Collider that I referred to in yesterday’s blog.

1) Confirmation that other, non-physical dimensions do exist.
2) That gravity is applied to these ‘dark’ particles in both dimensions. Confirmation therefore of the accuracy of the guess by scientists that gravity is the weakest basic force because it is shared between dimensions.

One further fascinating piece of information given concerns the effect particles of dark matter/energy have on the distribution of light throughout the universe. Bearing in mind the accuracy of the information about ‘dark energy’ and the involvement of gravity, physicists might do well to re-orientate their thinking about light too!

Sceptics often accuse Spiritualists of using “pseudo science” to promote their beliefs. Well, there’s nothing “pseudo” about this description of dark matter!
Does anybody have any ideas how we can persuade particle physicists to take notice of this?

Wouldn’t it be great if scientists on earth and their compatriots in the spiritual world would work together to understand the many mysteries surrounding us?

*”Lowlands of Heaven” by Rev. G. Vale Owen ISBN 0 900413 32 8 – Available from The Greater World Association

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

The God Particle

Currently, one of the most exciting areas of science and certainly one that holds the greatest possibility of a revolution in basic human understanding is Particle Physics. Although damage to it right at the start of its operations has delayed the first experiments, the Great Hadron Collider (or Atom-Smasher) in Cern, Switzerland, could provide Particle Physicists with hard evidence of two things in particular which up to now have existed only as theories.
The first is the existence of the Higgs Bosson particle. It has been nicknamed ‘the God Particle’ because the physicists believe it is what gives mass to all other fundamental particles. Without it there would be no gravity and no universe as we know it. According to the same physicists it is the only theory that can explain how the universe evolved.
Most physicists are instinctively drawn towards theories with a simple elegance. Reverend Sir John Polkinghorne used to be a theoretical physicist and worked with Professor Peter Higgs, after whom the God particle was named.
Professor Polkinghorne went on to become an Anglican minister. He believes the equations which describe the way sub-atomic particles interact contain a natural beauty in which some find a spark of divinity… Physicists are deeply impressed with the order of the world. It is rationally beautiful and structured, and the feeling that there is a mind behind it is a very natural feeling to have… He said: "I think the feeling of wonder, which is very fundamental to the experience of physicists - they way they see structure in the world - is fundamentally a religious experience, whether people recognise it as such or not.”
The Hadron Collider will smash two beams of particles head-on at super-fast speeds, recreating the conditions in the Universe moments after the Big Bang. Scientists hope to see new particles in the debris of these collisions, revealing fundamental new insights into the nature of the cosmos.
They will be looking for new physics beyond the Standard Model – the framework devised in the 1970s to explain how sub-atomic particles interact. The Standard Model comprises 16 particles – 12 matter particles and four force-carrier particles. The Standard Model has worked remarkably well so far but it cannot explain the best known of the so-called four fundamental forces: gravity; and it describes only ordinary matter, which makes up but a small part of the total Universe.
Also, one of the most important particles in the Standard Model – the Higgs boson – has to be found in an experiment. Today, the Standard Model is regarded as incomplete, a mere stepping stone to something else. So the Collider should help revitalise physics' biggest endeavour: a grand theory to explain all physical phenomena in Nature.

What physicists have discovered is that matter, as we know and see it, makes up a mere 4% of the matter in the universe! The rest is dark energy 73% and dark matter 23%. They have only been able to guess at its existence because it is the only explanation the makes sense but they know absolutely nothing about it. This means they know nothing about what makes up 96% of the universe!

The second area where hopes are high for further enlightenment is the existence of other dimensions than the four we know about. Another leading theory in Particle Physics is known as String Theory. This theory predicts from the known behaviour of observable sub-atomic particles, there must exist a further six dimensions.

Apparently, some physicists believe the existence of other dimensions is the only explanation for the fact that gravity is the weakest of the four basic forces in our universe. They say it is because gravity is shared with other dimensions!

I believe the other dimensions the Particle Physicists expect to find will turn out to be non-physical. Tomorrow therefore, I will share with you information about Dark Energy and the influence of Gravity that was given from scientists in the Spiritual world in 1913!

Tuesday, 13 January 2009


As you walk your chosen pathway, may your footsteps be sure.
Face to face with every challenge, may all your strength endure.
Though the road that lies before you will surely twist and wind...


When the storms of every lifetime bring the winds and the rain...
May the rays of golden sunlight shine through to ease your pain.
As you navigate your journey, you may sometimes fall behind...


You are a wonder...a miracle...
So cherish every part...
Count all your blessings...
Straight into your heart.

As you dream about the future...may your vision be clear.
When you need someone to turn to...may friends be ever near.
May the dawn of every new day bring you joy and peace of mind...


Written by Brian Morris

Monday, 12 January 2009

Death is an Illusion

"The more I observe and study things, the more convinced I become that sorrow over separation and death is perhaps the greatest delusion. To realise that it is a delusion is to become free. There is no death, no separation of the substance."

Mohandas K.Ghandi,Letters to a Disciple

Sunday, 11 January 2009

New Year

The New Year allows us to mentally draw a line under the past and make a new beginning.

The fact that 2009 begins with the most serious economic crisis for decades enables us to be bolder – to think the formerly unthinkable, to focus more on discovering what really matters to us instead of just following the consumer spending bandwagon.

The things that are most important to us are usually intangible. It is not becoming wealthier, although that is always attractive, but becoming happier, more loving and more loved. It is about stopping to listen when somebody wants to talk, instead of talking about ourselves all the time. It is about trying to become more aware of the intangible parts of life – developing our awareness and sensitivity and learning to be truly still. In the stillness much is revealed and the physical body benefits from the relaxation it produces. Blood pressure and heart-rate reduce and stabilise and the reality of our spiritual faculty, our higher self, becomes part of our consciousness.