Monday, 23 January 2012

Spiritualism's Revelation

Quote from Address by Jean Bassett – London 2005

“We have been given a revelation, a revelation that is greater than any revelation that has been given before in this world. Not the faith that you pass on into the world of the spirit and you sit on the right hand of God Almighty; you don't need faith for that. We have been given the means by which we can prove we live on after death and we know that, as God is in His heaven, there is no such thing as a single miracle - a one off. If one person passes through that gateway that man calls death and can communicate back to his loved ones here on earth, then all will do so. It doesn’t matter what you believe, it doesn’t even matter what you do in life, it doesn’t matter how you behave; you will live on after death. That is God’s glorious law; that is the rainbow that touches the sky and joins the world of the spirit to the world of matter, the world of the seen to the world of the unseen; that is that glorious colour that can enter into your life, enter into your hearts, create such a strength in you that you will never need another person’s strength. It can create such courage in you that you will fulfil all that you are meant to fulfil; your destiny will be assured; you will indeed be a part of God Almighty, as indeed you are.”